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Date20th November, 2014

SSLPost services unaffected by Poodle vulnerability

We would like to confirm SSLPost solutions and services are unaffected by Poodle vulnerability issues reported recently in the news.

Date1st October, 2014

Two years of automatic enrolment

Read statementNew data released by NEST shows that younger workers have the highest participation in automatic enrolment, with only a 5 per cent opt out rate among workers under 30 years old. Before the new workplace pension rules were launched in 2012, over 25 per cent of this group had declared an intention to opt out. However actual opt-out figures suggest a dramatic shift in the retirement saving behaviour of younger workers...

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Date26th September, 2014

Statement regarding Shellshock

Read statementThis is a statement regarding the SSLPost application software and the recent BASH exploitation. Some of our clients have asked if SSLPost has any exposure with regards to the recently reported BASH vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271). We can categorically state that SSLPost Linux deployments have no exposure to this vulnerability for the following reasons...

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Date25th April, 2014

TPR takes action on auto-enrolment non-compliance

Read full storyEmployers struggling to meet their auto-enrolment duties should the alert the Pensions Regulator sooner rather than later. The warning comes as the regulator publishes its first auto-enrolment section 89 report. The report sets out problems experienced by Dunelm Soft Furnishing Ltd (Dunelm) and the action taken by the regulator. Dunelm had an auto-enrolment staging date of 1 April 2013. It was due to complete registration, indicating that it had fully complied with employer duties, by 31 July 2013. The company did not complete registration by the deadline and was contacted by the regulator...

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Date10th April, 2014

Statement regarding Heartbleed

Read statementWe would like to reassure all users of SSLPost solutions regarding the recent press reports about the Heartbleed bug. When the bug was identified by Codenomicon and Google on Monday 7th April, it was reported to OpenSSL and direct steps were taken to resolve any possible security issues caused by the bug. System updates were released in line with standard practice that is commonly adopted by the technology sector...

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Date26th February, 2014

At last! A cost effective auto enrolment solution for SMB’s

Read full storyBeta testing of the new IG solution to address the needs of small to medium-sized businesses facing implementation of auto enrolment under the Pensions Act, is now underway. The Intelligent Group (IG) solution, provided exclusively through Intelligent Money, utilises technology by AutoEnroll.Me, to deliver auto enrolment compliance. Companies will now be able to implement a cost-effective and user-friendly, compliant solution....

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Date06th February, 2014

Report highlights data protection challenges for fostering and adoption agencies

Read full storyA report published by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) today has highlighted the challenges independent fostering and adoption agencies are facing when looking after sensitive personal information. The report summarises the key findings from 10 advisory visits carried out by the ICO with independent fostering and adoption agencies in England. These agencies regularly process significant amounts of sensitive personal information....

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Date05th November, 2013

Data leaks in local government: where are the cracks in your system?

Read full storyThe local government sector has already received penalties totalling over £2m in the last three years following serious failings in the way they are looking after people's data. The total value of these penalties is higher than for any other sector, with councils stuck in an apparent cycle of all too common mistakes. All of these breaches could have been prevented if councils had looked after people's information correctly by complying with the Data Protection Act....

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Date01st November, 2013

Snowden's former provider launches open effort for secure email

Read full storyThe founder of the Lavabit encrypted email service, which shut down rather than allow potentially unlimited government interception, said he will release his programming code to the public in an effort to improve communication security. Ladar Levison, who shuttered his startup Lavabit after a U.S. court forced him to turn over the company's cryptographic keys to federal agents, said he would work with former rivals and newcomers on an open email system...

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Date22nd October, 2013

1,000 prisoners' details emailed to inmates' families

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has served the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) with a monetary penalty of £140,000 after a serious data breach led to the details of all of the prisoners serving at HMP Cardiff being emailed to three of the inmates' families. The breach was only discovered when one of the recipients contacted the prison on 2 August 2011 to report that they had received an email from the prison clerk...

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Date06th September, 2013

A batch of award nominations for SSLPost!

Read full storySSLPost is delighted to reach the finalist list of not one but two prestigious awards. Payroll World confirmed recently that SSLPost has been shortlisted for the Green Payroll Award for the range of ePayroll solutions. SSLPost ePayroll offers secure, electronic delivery of PAYE information either via encrypted email or via a secure employee self-service portal...

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Date28th August, 2013

Why encryption is important to data security

Read full storyStoring any personal information is inherently risky. By recording it, you risk losing it, and that risks upsetting people, and no-one likes upsetting people. But quite often, if you don't store personal data, you can't provide a proper service. And that risks upsetting people too. This is why, if you are collecting personal information, you must make sure you are looking after it in a safe and secure manner...

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Date13th August, 2013

Bank of Scotland receives £75K penalty after four year fax blunder

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has served the Bank of Scotland with a monetary penalty of £75,000 after customers' account details were repeatedly faxed to the wrong recipients. The information included payslips, bank statements, account details and mortgage applications, along with customers' names, addresses and contact details...

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Date03rd July, 2013

BigLaw review Litéra Secure Large File Transfer and love it!

Read full storyRead the independent review of Litera Secure File Transfer (LSFT). As SSLPost partners in the US, Litera offer SSLPost solutions within their product range. LSFT is available in the UK as SSLPost Secure Large File Transfer. If you like what you read, you can learn more here. Now for the interesting bit...

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Date02nd July, 2013

Agent Elman - The Sequel!

Read full storyIn this third episode of our video shorts, our intrepid hero attempts to ensure that a secret document is read by the right man. No matter what he does, it just keeps on getting pushed to one side until trusty Elizabeth Mailer comes to his aid. It's amazing how a fully grown agent can fit into those tiny spaces...

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Date28th June, 2013

GP practice in County Armagh warned after patients' details compromised following email attack

Read full storyA GP practice in County Armagh is taking action to improve the way it looks after patients' information following a breach of the Data Protection Act investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)...

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Date15th June, 2013

Fax blunder leads to £55,000 penalty for Staffordshire trust

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has issued a monetary penalty of £55,000 to North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust. The penalty follows a serious breach of the Data Protection Act which resulted in sensitive medical details of three patients being sent to a member of the public...

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Date11th June, 2013

Adoptive parents' details mistakenly sent to birth family in council data breach

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has today served a monetary penalty of £70,000 to Halton Borough Council in Cheshire following a serious breach of the Data Protection Act...

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Date10th June, 2013

Agent Elman Returns!

Read full storyIn this second installment of our video shorts, Agent Elman tries to stop evil Dr Blowfish from getting his hands on the confidential list of undercover agents. However, it is not without its risks as he encounters sharks, ninjas and numerous other 'baddies' on his quest...

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Date20th May, 2013

Introducing the stalwart of the British Secret Service... Agent Elman!

Read full storyFollow the adventures of action hero, Agent Elman, his trusty secretary, Elizabeth Mailer and arch nemesis, Blofish in our video shorts. Watch the first of the series as Agent Elman attempts to deliver top secret information to his mysterious contact....

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Date17th May, 2013

Security breaches in SMEs reach record levels

Read full storyThe 2013 PwC information security breach survey results were in yesterday and the overall message was pretty grim - more attacks, more breaches and more losses to businesses and UK plc. The survey results make particularly worrying reading for the SME sector, which is now seeing breach levels similar to that of large businesses...

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Date14th May, 2013

AutoEnroll.Me progress update

Read full storyWork continues on the new Auto-Enrolment solution from AutoEnroll.Me - a joint venture from SSLPost and Wealth Management Group in partnership with Intelligent Money. As we speak, a new website is being developed to coincide with the release of the new solution that provides a cost-effective, robust and user-friendly answer to meet the new pension requirements for companies...

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Date30th April, 2013

Press Release: Barnsley Stays Secure

Read full storyBarnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in South Yorkshire has chosen Newcastle-based, SSLPost, to deliver a cost-effective, secure solution for document transfer. Barnsley Council realised that by reducing their printed output and sending more documents electronically, they could achieve substantial cost savings which would contribute towards their commitment to improve service efficiency to their community...

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Date25th March, 2013

SSLPost Digital Marketing Coordinator Vacancy

Read full storyA superb opportunity has arisen for an exceptional individual to join SSLPost Ltd in Newcastle, as our Digital Marketing Coordinator. Reporting to the Head of Marketing, your role will be to deliver digital marketing to support the SSLPost marketing strategy. To view the full job specification click the link below, the closing date for applicants is 17th May 2013.

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Date15th March, 2013

SSLPost Website Launched

Read full storyOn the 28th February 2013 SSLPost launched a new website. This new site has been made with user experience and requirements at the forefront, whether you are a single user or work in an enterprise our new website has been designed to meet your needs. SSLPost, the UK encryption specialists are delighted to announce the launch of the new SSLPost website...

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Date20th February, 2013

ICO urges more care with personal data as Nursing and Midwifery Council receives £150,000 penalty

Read full storyThe ICO has urged organisations to review their policies on how personal data is handled, after the Nursing and Midwifery Council was issued a £150,000 civil monetary penalty for breaching the Data Protection Act. The council lost three DVDs related to a nurse’s misconduct hearing, which contained confidential personal information and evidence from two vulnerable children...

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Date13th February, 2013

Press Release: SSLPost Cloud proved to be very popular with small businesses

Read full storyOn the 15th January 2013 SSLPost launched a simple, secure, low-cost secure email solution to the SMB market. Since the launch it has proved very popular with small businesses that are now enjoying the benefits of our cost effective secure email solution. SSLPost are delighted by the success of SSLPost Cloud - the user-friendly, simple and cost-effective method with which...

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Date17th January, 2013

Press Release: SSLPost launches simple, secure, low-cost secure email solution to the SMB market

Read full storySSLPost are delighted to announce the launch of SSLPost Cloud. This is a user-friendly, simple and cost-effective method with which to send, track and revoke secure email, ensuring sensitive information is safe during transit over the Internet and can only be opened by the desired recipient. This new solution, launched on the 15th January 2013, is available to purchase online through the website.

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GuidesView SSLPost News Stories From 2012
Date25th October, 2012

Stoke-on-Trent Council receives £120,000 penalty for failing to encrypt emails

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is reminding organisations that sensitive personal information should be encrypted when being stored and sent electronically. The news comes as Stoke-on-Trent City Council receives a monetary penalty of £120,000 following a serious breach of the Data Protection Act that led to sensitive information about a child protection legal case being emailed to the wrong person...

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Date25th October, 2012

SSLPost nominated for 2012 Payroll World Awards

Read full storyWe are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for a Payroll World award. Payroll world is the UK's leading payroll world magazine and will be hosting their awards ceremony on the 8th November at: Lancaster London Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London, W2 2TY. Payroll World Awards. The Payroll awards have 19 categories and SSLPost have been nominated for the "Best use of a self service" award...

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Date10th October, 2012

Social Care charity fined £70,000

Read full storyA social care charity has been served a monetary penalty of £70,000 after highly sensitive information about the care of four young children was lost after being left outside a London home, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) announced today. A social worker, who worked for Norwood Ravenswood Ltd, left the detailed reports at the side of the house on 5 December 2011 after attempting to deliver the items...

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Date11th September, 2012

ICO fine Scottish Borders council

Read full storySA Council whose former employees' pension records were found in an over-filled paper recycle bank in a supermarket car park have been fined £250,000 for the data breach. Scottish Borders Council employed an outside company to digitise the records, but failed to seek appropriate guarantees on how the personal data would be kept secure...

Read MoreRead full story on the ICO website

Date16th July, 2012

SSLPost launch SEM4A, Secure Email for Accountants

Read full storySecure email designed specifically for the Accountancy market. SEM4A allows you to save costs and create more efficient working processes whilst ensuring your data or confidential information that needs to be emailed to Clients, Colleagues or 3rd Parties is protected...

Read MoreRead full story on the ICO website

Date12th July, 2012

St George's Healthcare fined £60,000

Read full storyThe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has issued a penalty of £60,000 to St George's Healthcare NHS Trust in London after a vulnerable individual's sensitive medical details were sent to the wrong address. The information was contained in two letters that were sent out by the Trust in May 2011. While the letters were addressed to the correct recipient, they were sent to an old address, despite the person not having lived in the property for nearly five years...

Read MoreRead full story on the ICO website

Date05th May, 2012

Info Security 2012

Read full storyThe SSLPost team recently attended the Infosecurity event. The weeks before were pretty hectic as the team worked to get everything prepared and dealt with issues that arose due to our ambitious stand design. The event was a great platform to explain our products and speak to businesses they could benefit. For more info on what went on see our in-depth report...

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Date30th April, 2012

NHS ICO fine

Read full storyA Welsh health board has become the first NHS organisation to be served a monetary penalty following a serious breach of the Data Protection Act, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said today. The Aneurin Bevan Health Board (ABHB) has been issued with a penalty of £70,000 after a sensitive report - containing explicit details relating to a patient's health - was sent to the wrong person...

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Date27th March, 2012

Royal Mail to Increase prices of First and Second class stamps

Read full storyFrom the 30th of April a first class stamp will rise in price from 46p to 60p whilst a second class stamp will go up from 36p to 50p. The changes come after the regulator lifted some price controls on Royal Mail. The increase in price makes the SSLPost secure document delivery and secure payslip solutions even more cost effective.

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Date02nd March, 2012

SSLPost on the road

Read full storySSLPost are going to be out and about lots more in the next couple of months. Come along and see us at the following events:

Read MoreAtlassian Unite on the 12th of March.

Read MoreGovToday on the 3rd of April.

Read MoreInfoSecurity Europe on the 24-26th of April.

Date25th March, 2012

SSLPost confirmed as G-Cloud supplier

View full postAs of 27th February 2012 GCrypt, a UK company that specialises in providing encryption software, has been confirmed as a Government approved G-Cloud supplier. G-Cloud is the UK Government's programme to adopt cloud-based services, covering the processes of buying, managing and using cloud services. This represents a change in the way that the government works with suppliers.

Read MoreVisit the G-Cloud website

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