Secure ePortaleDocument Delivery

Delivering your documents safely and securely

If you are looking for a secure, encrypted method to exchange, deliver or store documents and messages, the SSLPost eDocument delivery portal is ideal.

The document portal, traditionally used to deliver PAYE documents securely, can easily to enhanced or adapted to suit a multitude of uses, for instance:

  • Delivering subscription-based publications in a “library” or “bookshelf” format
  • Delivering pension forecasting, documentation and statements
  • Delivery of HR communications; statutory letters, employment contracts, disciplinary notices and companywide memos
  • Delivering prize draws, competitions, membership messages and promotional offers
  • Personalised bookings and concierge requests
  • Delivery of house sale documentation; contracts, offers, surveys, invoices, communications for buyers and sellers
  • Monitoring and management of sales incentives and rewards
  • Document repository for accountants; enabling lodging of quarterly reports, management accounts, balance sheets, VAT and tax reports for client access
  • Document repository for solicitors; enabling lodging of legal documentation, contracts, bids, offers, court documents and reports, for internal or external access
  • Social care case management; repository for communications, case notes, third party notes, meeting and assessment reports, agency documents, court and other legal representations, for internal or external access
  • Planning management: repository for plans, designs drawings, letters, documents, planning office and local authority communications, for internal or external access
  • Product design; repository for designs, specifications, feedback, legal documentation, patent applications, contracts, for internal or external access

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Features & Benefits

  • 24/7/365 access
  • Fast, easy delivery of key messages, documents and publications
  • Encrypted solution to secure sensitive documents
  • Multi-level registration
  • Admin access for management of document portal
  • Audit reporting to manage registration, delivery and access
  • Secure, encrypted eDocument portal ensuring content remains only accessible by registered user
  • Flexibility to brand and personalise the document portal to suit your company image
  • Single sign on capability
  • Set your own password criterion and security levels
  • 2 Factor Authentication for extra security of your eDocument portal, where required
  • Notification of new eDocument delivery via email or SMS

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We are often asked if our portal can be used for anything other than payslips and the answer is a resounding, YES! Learn More


eDocument access can be provided with the following additional options;


You can customise your eDocument delivery portal to reflect the branding of your organisation. We provide two levels of branding; simple and advanced. This customisation will appear on your eDocument solution as well as automatically generated welcome communications. Every user will see this branding when they access their portal.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

For added security, your eDocument delivery solution can include 2 Factor Authentication which, if enabled, requires a recipient to input a unique session one-time code (or 'soft token') that will be sent to their mobile via an SMS message. They will need to enter this code as well as their password to be able to access their eDocument delivery portal.

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Secure File Transfer

If you need to transfer bulk files as part of your workflow process, securely and in an audited manner, why not consider using SSLPost Secure File Transfer? Whether you want to send payroll files internally or externally, send statements, invoices or other large data files, SSLPost Secure File Transfer fits seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.

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SSLPost eSign is a digital certificate that when applied to a document, is accepted in the EU as legally binding; as if it had been physically signed in a traditional manner.

There are two reasons why digital certificates should be applied to documents:

  • (i) Authenticity; in allowing the recipient to confirm the identity of each person who signed the document.
  • (ii) Integrity; by confirming that the document's digital seal is intact and that the document has therefore not been altered in transit.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

If your team already use a single sign-on to your intranet or existing systems, we can also add this onto the eDocument portal for an enhanced user experience.

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