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Electronic payslips reduce payroll cost, time and resource

If you would like your employees to collect their payslip online through a secure, encrypted, web-based portal, ePayslips from SSLPost is the perfect solution.

The user-friendly, Employee Self Service Portal, enables individuals to access their payslip online, anytime, anywhere each time electronic payslips, P60s or P11Ds are lodged.

If you are running an international workforce, delivering essential PAYE documentation electronically allows you to maintain control of your payslips, monitor delivery and opening activity and deliver your ePayslips and PAYE documents within timescales dictated by local employment law, in a secure, encrypted manner.

Employees can retrospectively download their PAYE documents as and when required. Access to their secure portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, reducing the need for reprints and reissues of payslips and PAYE documents by the Finance Department.

Your employee can receive a notification via email or SMS to let them know a new document has been lodged and they can access at a time to suit them.

For the Sender, the solution is easily integrated into 99% of existing payroll software and is very straightforward to use.

For the Recipient, accessing their payslip online is a simple and secure task; there is no software to download and the solution is particularly suited to those using hotdesks, shared computers or those that have no email address. Providing they have internet access, a computing device, mobile phone, tablet or other device with which to access it, they are able to view their ePayslips online any time.

The cost savings of providing payslips online is visible within a very short time. If you are considering replacing your hardcopy process, savings are made through the print, consumables, stationery and postage costs as well as the man-time required to complete the task of printing and despatching payslips, P11Ds and P60s.

With the SSLPost secure, encrypted, electronic payslips solution, the information you send remains completely private until the password is entered. Moreover, you can track and trace the recipient’s access behaviour via the in-built audit reporting. Contact us today to learn more about providing payslips online via our secure ePayslips portal.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast ROI
  • User-friendly
  • Encrypted solution to protect employee data
  • Suitable for hot desks and shared computers
  • Access ePayslips online, any time, any place
  • Ideal for those with no email address
  • Branded to match your company identity
  • Underpins green policies by reducing waste and consumables
  • Secure and auditable process
  • Integrates with 99% of existing payroll software
  • Eliminates the need for reproducing PAYE documents
  • Flexible solution for HR communications
  • Branded to match your company identity
  • Additional level of security access optional
  • Suitable for P45 issue
  • Optional eSign of P60 optional

What Our Customers Say

"The SSLPost portal is an easy and straightforward alternative to traditional print and post methods. The time it takes to run our company payslips has reduced significantly from two members of staff taking two days to one person taking 70 minutes. We have also saved £5,700 in costs"

Steven Mitchell, ubu Payroll Administrator

For HR professionals

Communicating company-wide messages or specific messages of a sensitive nature can be hard to monitor when your workforce is large or scattered across multiple locations. Utilising the features of the electronic payslips portal ensures that messages are delivered and read by the intended recipient without the need for them to acknowledge receipt. The ePayslips portal automatically sends the employee a notification via SMS or email to let them know there is a new document waiting. The built-in audit reporting allows you to monitor the message’s progress during transit and will provide notification that the message has been opened and read. This can be important when proof of non-repudiation is required.

Whether you are sending employee handbooks, contracts, disciplinary notices, salary details, pension communications or performance reviews, you can be assured that your communication will be safely delivered to the employee’s electronic payslips portal, without fear of interception.

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ePortal access can be provided with the following additional options;


You can customise your electronic payslips solution to reflect the branding of your organisation. We provide two levels of branding; simple and advanced. This customisation will appear on your electronic payslips portal as well as automatically generated welcome communications. Every employee will see this branding when they access their payslip online.

View examples of simple email branding and account branding.

View examples of advanced email branding and account branding.

Contact us to add branding to your online payslip ePortal solution.

eDocument Delivery

If you need additional functionality in your ePayslip portal to deliver an enhanced service to your employees, click here. The portal can be used to deliver a wide variety of documents and messages including contracts, companywide messaging, auto enrolment letters, user instructions, company handbooks, disciplinary documents, social diary and much more.

Contact us for more information about eDocument delivery.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

For added security, your electronic payslips solution can include 2 Factor Authentication which, if enabled, requires a recipient to input a unique session one-time code (or 'soft token') that will be sent to their mobile via an SMS message. They will need to enter this code as well as their password to be able to access their payslip online.

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Secure File Transfer

If you need to transfer bulk files as part of your workflow process, securely and in an audited manner, why not consider using SSLPost Secure File Transfer? Whether you want to send payroll files internally or externally, send statements, invoices or other large data files, SSLPost Secure File Transfer fits seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.

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SSLPost eSign is a digital certificate that when applied to a document, is accepted in the EU as legally binding; as if it had been physically signed in a traditional manner. This will become defacto for all PAYE summary documents such as P60s at some point in the future.

There are two reasons why digital certificates should be applied to documents:

  • (i) Authenticity; in allowing the recipient to confirm the identity of each person who signed the document.
  • (ii) Integrity; by confirming that the document's digital seal is intact and that the document has therefore not been altered in transit.

Contact us for more information about eSign solutions for ePayslips.

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