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Welcome to the HCT Group electronic payslip portal.

If you have already registered your password for the secure electronic payslip portal then please click the login button.
If you need to setup up your new account then please click the register button.

If you have any questions, or require further help using the HCT Group portal you can contact the SSLPost Customer Services team by emailing them at or

The following information must be provided in order that we may investigate and resolve the issue.

1. Their full name.
2. Email address, contact telephone number and an alternative contact number, if possible.
3. National insurance number/payroll number/staff number, if relevant to their login. Do not send passwords.
4. The name of the company they work for.
5. Description of the nature of the problem/request.
6. A screenshot detailing any error messages received, along with the URL of the specific page in question.
URL can be copy and pasted from their browser address bar, screen shots can be taken by pressing both Ctrl and PrtSc at the same time then pasting into the body of the email

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