Epayslip solutions for very small businesses

If you are an accountant or book keeper who focuses on the very small business market, there is an alternative GDPR compliant solution that may be more suitable for you and your client.

Payroll processors in this market choose our secure encrypted email to send bulk PDF payslips to their client HR contact, for local print and hand-distribution.  This is particularly suitable where your client is a very small business with employees that are in their office regularly.


Send payslips, P11Ds, P60s, P45s & tax documents securely


Monitor & manage all activity via Admin dashboard


Customise your secure email to match your company identity

The solution is web-based, so can be accessed with any computing device with access to the internet.  We can brand the secure email to suit your business,  the information is secured using enterprise-grade encryption and the exchange is fully audited via a simple dashboard.

With prices from £24 plus VAT, this could be the solution you have been looking for!

It works perfectly and the cost was minimal. I cannot believe how easy it is to use!  My secure email is branded with my colours & logo.

I cannot rate SSLPost highly enough!

Sonya Jolly, Jolly Accountancy Services

Secure email can also be used to send payslips directly to the employees themselves if you have their email address.  A simple registration process is required by the employee that takes seconds to complete.  You can then send sensitive information to the employees and they can securely correspond with you, in return.  Learn more about secure email by watching our videos here.