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Where is your office

Where is your office?

Where is your office? Since the pandemic, there have been many requests for flexible office solutions. This paradigm shift in how we work has reshaped the traditional office landscape, opting for more businesses, no matter the size, to seek more adaptable workspace options. This is the new future of work ...more >
Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the winter blues

As the winter months roll in, sole traders, independent business owners, and tradespeople may face unique challenges, including burnout. The decrease in daylight hours and the plummeting temperatures can make staying motivated and productive throughout the day difficult. In addition, the seasonal slowdown in business can create a greater risk ...more >
AI in the wrong hands

AI Falling into the Wrong Hands: A Threat to Our Future?

The Rising Concerns Artificial intelligence (AI) has undeniably revolutionised the manner in which we live, work, and interact with technology. With voice assistants and self-driving cars, personalised recommendations, and predictive algorithms, AI has seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. Yet, as this technology progresses at an unprecedented rate, there is ...more >
SSLPost October Blog

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs: A Dual Perspective

Artificial Intelligence is a double-edged sword when it comes to its impact on jobs. On the one hand, it has the potential to revolutionise industries, boost productivity, and create new job opportunities in AI development and related fields. On the other hand, it can lead to job displacement, skill mismatches, ...more >
SSLPost September Blog

Navigating the Interrelation between Security, Privacy, and AI

In an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force. AI systems are now ubiquitous, from personal assistants on our smartphones to sophisticated algorithms that power search engines and social media. However, as AI technology advances, the conversation surrounding security and privacy, or the ...more >
Is AI all it is cracked up to be?

Is AI all it is cracked up to be?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as one of the most transformative technologies of our time, revolutionising industries and reshaping the way we live, work, and interact. While AI holds tremendous potential for innovation and advancement, it also raises a host of ethical and practical concerns. In this article, we ...more >
Does digital signing really improve employee engagement?

Does digital signing really improve employee engagement?

We looked at the advantages of digital document approval in our blog, but a further key advantage is employee engagement. Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment and dedication that employees have towards their organisation. It is a measure of how passionate and enthusiastic employees are about their work and how ...more >
Digital Document Approval

Digital Document Approval

How often have you been asked to sign, approve, or acknowledge receipt of something? Now think about how many times you have asked the same of someone else. ...more >
Future-proofing with Flexible Systems

Future-proofing with Flexible Systems

Future-proofing refers to the proactive approach of designing and implementing strategies or systems that can adapt and remain relevant in the face of anticipated or unforeseen changes in the future. It involves anticipating and considering potential shifts in technology, trends, and other factors that could impact the longevity and effectiveness ...more >
ISO Standards for Data Security

ISO Standards for Data Security

Data security is a critical issue for businesses of all sizes. With the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks and data breaches, companies are under immense pressure to ensure the safety and privacy of their data. The ISO 27001 standard is an internationally recognized, information security management system (ISMS) standard that provides ...more >
Mitigating the risk of human error

Mitigating the risk of human error

The ICO recently issued their report concerning data security incident trends over the past few years.  It makes for some interesting reading, not just because the statistics only include incidents that have been reported by organisations but the detail within.  Sadly, it confirms that most data breaches are avoidable with ...more >

Benefiting you and your team – What is the return on employee benefits?

The final part of our online employee communications quiz asks you a few questions about employee benefits. This sometimes undervalued area can really pay dividends to the employer as well as the team. Do employee benefits have a place in the modern work environment? A little perk here and there has ...more >
Workflow and automation for your documentation

Workflow and automation for your documentation – Are you making the most of it?

When you take our online quiz, you will notice that we devote a section of it to how well your workflow operates and how effective your automation is. There are some very good reasons why this is so important. Why Automate your document workflow? Do you ever stop to think ...more >
Keeping it all safe

Keeping it all safe – Your communication may not be as GDPR compliant as you think

In our communication assessment quiz, compliance is one of the four key areas, with very good reason. GDPR and other compliance requirements must be met, and that means the secure storage and transfer of sensitive information. Why is communication so important to compliance GDPR – never in the history of ...more >
All talk and no action

All talk and no action – Why engagement with communication is vital in the workplace

In our communication assessment quiz, we focus on four key areas. One of these is how well your team are likely to engage with communications in the workplace. We are all bombarded with communication vying for our attention, so it is vital that your team know which messages matter most ...more >
Employee Communication Scorecard

Communication is key – Find out your employee communication score

Effective employee communication is vital if you want your business to run smoothly. The problem is that a lack of communication isn’t always easy to spot. We designed our short employee communication quiz to help you give a defined score to show how well you are doing when it comes ...more >
gdpr protection

Who is watching you? – Why GDPR may not be protecting your UK held data

We are all hopefully familiar with the basic principle that under EU law, we must give permission for our data to be shared. However, this is not as cut and dried as it initially sounds, and the use of UK personal data by US companies is continuing to be an ...more >
edocument delivery

Resolving a document approval issue over multiple sites

Bringing a big problem to a simple solution When it comes to resolving a large problem, there is nothing like reaching a solution that produces a simple-to-use easy fix. That is exactly what our edocument system provided for one client with a team spread over multiple locations. The problem presented ...more >
How myworksapp creates an easy workflow

Convenient is the new efficient – How myworksapp creates an easy workflow

When it comes to the working day, there is nothing quite like getting things done in the most convenient way. In a mobile-driven world, the more work-related information we have in the palm of our hands, the faster we have access to what we need. Everyone is mobile, so access ...more >
Communicating on a large scale with remote employees

Dispersed but close – Communicating on a large scale with remote employees

With the changing workplace comes a change in communication. Remote working is here to stay, and it is altering our workplace needs. So, how do you deal with communication on a large scale when you have remote employees? Everything is no longer in one place The change in the way ...more >
The importance of accessibility online

Open to all – The importance of accessibility online

We all want to make sure our digital presence is as easy to use as possible. That means considering the issue of accessibility and doing as much as possible to enable users in their journey through your website or portals. Why accessibility, and does it matter? According to Scope UK, 1 ...more >
Secure Devices

Taking safety with you – Keeping your devices secure

We all rely on our devices these days. In fact, we use our mobiles and tablets for everything from banking to games. You cannot help but admire what that does to improve our lives. The ability to access the internet and cloud-based materials for work on a pocket-sized device is ...more >
Good practice tips for passwords

Good practice tips for passwords – Why MrScratchy can be a security risk

Passwords are a vital element of keeping your information safe online. When you think about how much information would be available to someone with access to them, you start to realise how important they are. Imagine throwing open the doors to your house and inviting everyone to come in and ...more >
BYOD is a potential security nightmare

BYOD is a potential security nightmare – The problem with bringing you own device

I am sure it has been said many times before (including in these blogs), but the speed with which the IT sector evolves is incredible. New technologies develop and become the norm within an amazingly short space of time. Remote access to the work environment is one of these. It ...more >
Cyber essentials have changed

Cyber essentials have changed – Are you up to date?

Cyber essentials and cyber essentials plus certification, just in case you are reading this and asking yourself, ‘what does cyber essentials mean’? is a government-backed scheme to help tackle the increasing problem of cyber attacks on businesses in the UK. It is a response to the growing and seemingly ever-present ...more >
ISO 27001 –A way of life not just a tick box exercise

ISO 27001 –A way of life not just a tick box exercise

Have you noticed how we always seem to be ready to reduce the importance of something? Maybe it’s a Britishness thing that makes us do this, but we tend to downplay our achievements. Humility and modesty are great things, but I sometimes wonder how healthy that is when it extends ...more >

You type your email and you press send – What happens next and is it secure?

Email has become part of our lives, and like anything that has reached the point of saturation; we take it for granted. Back when emails first started to be used with any frequency, there was far less trust in them. As with all technology, though, once it is adopted for ...more >

Flexible working – is it here to stay when the pandemic is over?

As I write this, we can all see the end of lockdown approaching. It has been a strange experience, to say the least, and for many people, it meant working from home for the first time. Here at SSLPost, we were lucky to be a little more prepared than most ...more >

The kitchen floor is lava!

Working from home can turn us into hermits. Read top tips on maintaining social interaction and avoiding the fridge. ...more >

Hens and gold teeth

If you are preparing a business case for the switch to electronic payslips, this blog is for you! Our simple comparison table has been expanded and classified to make addressing those key issues as easy as pie. ...more >

GDPR and Mary Berry

Find out the connection between GDPR and Britain’s favourite baker. In this article, we discuss the practical application of GDPR within your business and why privacy compliance lives on after May 25th. ...more >

What kind of data is Personal Data?

There is still confusion amongst many companies as to what is considered to be Personal Data under GDPR. Read our blog to learn more about the key definitions and how to identify a breach ...more >

What happens when you press “send”?

Is “normal” email really safe and secure to use when exchanging sensitive or personal information? Could a hacker identify a person from the information you include in your email text? Read more here about email security risks and how they can easily be mitigated by applying a simple solution ...more >

Toastie, anyone?

When was the last time we used brand new technology or are we just revamping technology of the past? Why change what already works, for something different? Read more in our blog, here ...more >

ePayslip portal versus paper payslips

We are often asked to compare the two solutions. In this blog, that’s exactly what we have done. Learn about the nitty gritty of payslip delivery methods, here ...more >

A Portal For All Seasons

If you think that an epayslip portal is just for PAYE information, think again. In this blog we discuss the various uses of a secure portal and how this can benefit your business ...more >

Walls have ears!

Who is watching your business email traffic and what are you disclosing to them via the content of your email? Simple steps you can take to protect from malicious intervention and data breach... ...more >

Get your house in order!

In this blog, we discuss how the organisation of your company data affects the efficiency of your business; from payroll to automatic enrolment. Read more, here ...more >

e-Payslips & Chocolate

Are we seeing the end to the humble filing cabinet? We discuss the practicalities of traditional filing and archiving solutions with a touch of Galaxy (other chocolate brands are available) ...more >

The What, The Why And The Who Of Secure File Transfer

In this blog, we outline the advantages for both security and privacy of sending personal or sensitive data via secure file transfer rather than “normal” email. Is it fiddly or complex? Will it impact your daily processes? You can read more, here ...more >
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