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Mitigating the risk of human error

Mitigating the risk of human error

The ICO recently issued their report concerning data security incident trends over the past few years.  It makes for some interesting reading, not just because the statistics only include incidents that have been reported by organisations but the detail within.  Sadly, it confirms that most data breaches are avoidable with suitable technological measures.

We looked into just these three incident categories:

Emails were sent to the wrong recipient -150

Incidents of data being posted or faxed to the wrong recipient – 249

Loss or theft of data left in an unsecure location – 414

There were more in the statistics that could be resolved by implementing a secure file transfer solution.  However, these were the three most common issues caused by human error.

Whilst there are no guarantees that a human will not make an error with personal data, there are ways to mitigate the risk of this happening in the workplace.  From this report, we noted that at least 813 incidents reported to the ICO could have been avoided by using an SSLPost solution.

Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you, but you just cannot get from the problem to the solution – we get it.  Sometimes you are not sure what it is you need but you know the problem it is causing by not having it – we get it.

SSLPost solutions are not going to hold up the way you do business, interrupt your workflow, or require lots of user training.  Implementation is not a long, complex and drawn-out process.  It is simple, easy to implement and integrate with your existing infrastructure and we also help educate your employees on the changes they need to know about.

We have been helping businesses, both public and private for many years and have experience of even the most complex infrastructures.  We also understand that sometimes there is an option available from your provider such as Sage, Microsoft or SAP.  However, these can be very pricey and will not necessarily provide the flexibility you need to accommodate business and user requirements.

  • If you want to secure your data when emailing, storing, sharing or transferring;
  • If you want to automatically encrypt email based on a trigger word (such as “confidential” or “private”);
  • If you want to be able to stop someone opening an email that is not intended for them;
  • If you need to transfer or store confidential documents and only provide access to authorised users;
  • If you want to access a sensitive document when out of the office without using a USB drive or physical paper document.

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