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Meet the company

SSLP Group Ltd (SSLPost) are specialists in encryption technology.  Our focus is to enable secure electronic delivery of business documentation in a cost effective, user friendly and environmentally responsible manner. SSLPost now has a diverse range of clients from both the public and private sector.

We are a highly skilled team of experts who strive to demystify the concept of encryption by providing easy to use, cost effective epayslip and edocument delivery solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and beyond.

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What we do

We have spent many years building and developing solutions that support companies, large and small, to maintain the safety and security of confidential information and the privacy of their employees. SSLPost solutions are cost-effective, time-saving, easy-to-use and with belts tightening all round, provide a fast return on investment.

We listen to our customers, understanding their challenges, requirements, industry legislation and regulatory constraints. Armed with this knowledge, we provide cost-effective solutions to that improve efficiency, protect businesses from the risk of malicious intervention when communicating electronically.

SSLPost provide effective methods by which to deliver sensitive documentation such as salary, contract and employment notices. Coupled with the surety of non-repudiation provided by the in-built audit reporting, SSLPost solutions are ideal for those seeking savings, GDPR compliance, and a tangible contribution towards the drive for greener, more environmentally friendly, working practices.

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How we do it

We understand that any solution for delivering sensitive and confidential documentation needs to be both user-friendly and cost effective. We appreciate that not everyone in your organisation is technically-minded so we keep the technical complexity safely tucked up, behind the scenes. The SSLPost user interface is easy-to-use for even the most cynical technophobe and we provide online user manuals, demos and support for both sender and recipient.

Once the quick and simple set up is complete, the process of sending and receiving epayslips and HR documents via SSLPost solutions, will quickly be integrated into the daily routine. There is no software or app for employees to download, no change of payroll software required and no complex screens to negotiate.

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SSLPost staff all work remotely in secure environments around the country. Therefore, there is no risk of mass office cross contamination and low risk of a single site loss affecting business continuity. You could consider that we self-isolate by design as it allows increased flexibility for circumstances such as we have seen over the last few years.

As part of our strict ISO27001 procedures, we regularly review and test our business continuity systems and processes to ensure that it is business as usual for our clients. All remote environments are risk assessed every six months (or more if needed) and our teams already work to ISO27001 remote working security policies.

Our support services are available 24/7/365 via online self-help where many common issues can be resolved by following the guidance available.  Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved through the online service, please email and our support team will respond in turn.

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