Because your employees are the heart of your business

Offering rewards and support to your staff, demonstrates that you care about their finances, health, welfare and wellbeing.  Employee benefits are a major part of the decision-making process for potential employees and statistics show that 79% of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase (source: Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey).

A good employee benefits package:

Encourages talent – the deciding factor between one job over another may be an excellent benefits package that they and their families can benefit from.

Promotes loyalty – employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits package.

Stretches salary – if you can save your employees money on their purchases; weekly or periodically, and provide wellbeing support when it is needed, you are perceived as a conscientious employer, in touch with your staff’s challenges.

Reduces staff attrition – If another employer offers the same or a higher salary but doesn’t include the same or better benefits package, employees may perceive themselves to be more out of pocket each month, by switching employers.

I would like to learn more about employee benefits!

If you are an employer looking for a simple, cost-effective way to reward your employees with an easy-to-use staff benefits package, contact us today.  If you are a customer of SSLPost already, you can easily add mypayrewards and salary sacrifice employee benefits to your existing epayslip solution.

mypayrewards and the Onecall salary sacrifice employee hub are also available through myworksapp.  Single sign-on options are available.

Finding your ideal employee benefits package

Shopping discounts

A simple, low-cost option is to offer national shopping discounts via your employee’s payslip portal.

mypayrewards, can be linked from your employee epayslip portal via single sign-on to provide a wide range of discounts from High Street and online retailers.  Choose between e-vouchers and gift cards and pay less than the face value, making instant savings whilst in-store or browsing online.  Learn more about these fantastic employee benefits.

Salary sacrifice

For larger items, holidays and wellbeing options, we have partnered with leading staff benefits provider, Onecall Staff Benefits Ltd to provide their Home Benefit Programmes.  With cost savings on both sides (employer and employee), Onecall salary sacrifice schemes enable staff to spread the cost of big ticket items across an agreed period.  Offers include:

  • Technology
  • Holidays
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Lease cars
  • Counselling
  • Gym membership and gym equipment

…and much, much more.  All delivered through a bespoke benefits hub, branded to suit your business.

To learn more click Onecall Home Benefit programmes, to transfer to their site where you can learn about savings, the range of benefits and their excellent one-stop-shop benefits hub.

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