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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below to find the answers to common questions about the secure payslip portal or contact us to find out more.

The SSLPost secure payslip portal integrates seamlessly to your existing payroll software to provide a secure payslip portal in which to place employee PAYE documents such as payslips, P11Ds, P45s and P60s.  You can also add PDF HR documents, contracts, Health & Safety notices – anything you need your employees to see.  There is an option to send a notification to the employee requesting them to access the portal when a new document is added.  The portal can also support documents that require digital approval/acknowledgement, making employee engagement faster and more successful.

By entering their password into the relevant login area, the employee then has access to the document held within. A full history is maintained so if they have mislaid a payslip or require a PDF copy, this is available without requesting via their Finance Department.

The process is fully audited and reports are available to view and download; you are able monitor items that are sent, when they arrive and when they are viewed by the desired recipient.

Additional options for your secure payslip portal include branding, two factor authentication, digital document approval and secure email.

The payslip portal is not just for payslips and PAYE documents such as P11ds, P60s and P45s.  You can add HR documents such as contracts of employment, employee handbooks, links to holiday booking and sickness forms, employee benefits, documents for digital approval/acknowledgement, Health & Safety documents, company policies, user guides and instructions – anything that an employee would need when employed by your company.

Additional options for your secure payslip portal include brandingtwo factor authentication, digital document approval and secure email.

Sending documents via traditional post can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds per year. Add to that the cost of stationery, printing and postage and the cost becomes prohibitive. With traditional mail and standard email, there is no way of accurately telling if the document has arrived safely with its recipient until a complaint is received. In addition, the document can be intercepted at any point on its journey.  Read more about the comparisons between physical mail and SSLPost solutions.

Under UK GDPR, an employer has a responsibility to secure personal information about their employees.  Using a secure employee portal or secure email to exchange documents that contain this data, ensures that the communication process uses “appropriate technical measures” – a requirement of UK GDPR.   Read more about how we secure your data.

The epayslip portal from SSLPost delivers the document directly to a secure portal. All the recipient needs to do is to complete a simple, one-off registration and set a password which will be used to access the portal in the future. The cost savings are immediately visible, the time savings enable you to use your resource more efficiently and the electronic process underpins your green agenda.

The epayslips portal recipient requires access to the internet and a device by which to access it (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop).  If your employer has chosen to use email address as part of the registration and login process, then this will be also required.  However, employers are offered other alternatives providing the login credentials are unique to you; this can sometimes be a payroll reference number, National Insurance number or employee reference/payroll number.  If your employer has requested additional layers of security, you may be asked to enter a code after correctly entering your login credentials.  This code will be sent to your registered email address, accessed via an authenticator app or push message to your mobile device.  Your employer will inform you if they have requested this.

The epayslips portal has been tested and approved for use with all major evergreen browsers.

You can import a PDF  for digital approval or not for digital approval directly into the employee’s portal via the administrator dashboard.  Just let us know what type of documents you will be uploading and we will take care of the rest.

Yes. SSLPost solutions have an ISO 27001 certificate, following an intensive 3rd party audit.  In addition, SSLPost hold the Cyber Essentials Certificate which is a Government-sponsored scheme.  Read more about data security and privacy.

The secure payslip portal portal uses a mix of block and transport encryption processes. Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are used with a 256-bit key to encrypt communication from the sender to our servers (most credit card transactions only use 128-bit encryption).

On our servers we encrypt using block encryption, which uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric and 2048-bit asymmetric processes. This is sent to the recipient over normal email (i.e. SMTP). Decrypted content is only made available over a 256-bit SSL secure link.

The technology is complex and that’s what makes it so effective. The user interface (what you and your recipients see), is easy to use and clear.

No. The secure payslip portal uses a password as the primary authentication method, thus eliminating the certificate distribution issues which occur in many similar systems.

The secure payslip portal stores data in secure SSLPost servers in an encrypted format.  These servers are situated in the UK and Eire.

Yes, as long as it has been sent to the recipient via the portal or uploaded to the portal historically, it can be easily viewed via the portal.

Yes, the document can be downloaded in PDF format and forwarded to a third party.  We recommend you use secure email for this as the PAYE document is likely to contain personal information.

SSLPost eportal integrates with 99% of payroll software on the market including Sage, Oracle and SAP and is considerably more cost effective that other vendor solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. You can post payslips, P11Ds, P60s and P45s to the epayslips portal.  You can also add HR documents, Health & Safety policies, employment contracts, other policies and employee hasndbooks, for example.

There is a comprehensive selection of user guides to help you get started and manage your  secure payslip portal on the online support pages of this website.

Our Support team can be contacted by email at We aim to respond to your request within 24 hours (weekdays).

Please note: the Support department only runs a hotline for client administrators and cannot take telephone calls from users.  Users of the SSLPost system should contact their payroll administrator in the first instance, visit our online support pages.  or email their query to

Yes. All our solutions can be monitored and managed through the administrator dashboard. 

No, just register once and set up a password. The SSLPost epayslip portal is a web application so providing you have internet connection and a device by which to access it, you can log into your secure epayslip portal.

We have different secure payslip portal and secure file transfer solutions available to suit a wide range of business sizes and requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The secure payslip portal includes options to add on additional functions. You can view options, here.

Yes.  SSLPost works with SAP and Oracle clients to provide secure, encrypted epayslip solutions.  You can also find us on the SAP Ariba portal.  Read more about SAP epayslip solutions.

Yes.  The secure payslip portal can be customised in several ways; we can add your logo or you can have full customisation. Just contact us for more information and we will be happy to run through the options.

Just contact us for more information or book a free, 30 minute, no obligation consultation with one of our specialists, here.

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