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SAP epayslips solution

If you use SAP and want to benefit from an SSLPost epayslips solution, no problem!

Our electronic payslips are designed to be payroll software agnostic.  Our SAP customers are delighted with the ease of integration, time savings and simplicity of the SSLPost epayslips portal solution.

Your employee portal is not restricted to just epayslips.  Add P60s, P11Ds and P45s, HR communications, contracts, announcements and pension letters to your portal, ensuring employees have 24/7/365 access to all important work-related documentation via one, convenient portal!

Ask us about our SAP epayslips solution today.

Thanks to experienced project managers on both sides, everything ran smoothly and we are very pleased with the outcome. I would be delighted to recommend SSLPost for both the quality of their work and the ease of working with their Team.

Donna Watson, BELCO Corporate Applications Manager

As a SAP solution provider, SSLP Group are listed on SAP Ariba.  Click the logo above to directly connect to our Ariba profile page.

Secure email options

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Add SSLPost secure email to your SAP epayslips portal to send sensitive information, safely.
View our secure email videos and learn how Elizabeth Mailer gets Agent Elman out of hot water…more than once! To discuss your options for secure, encrypted email, contact us today.

Branding options

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Customise your SAP epayslips solution to suit your company branding.

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Two factor Authentication (2FA)

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  • Additional layer of security to your SAP epayslips solution.
  • Confirms recipient identity.
  • Send a “one time code” to the recipient’s email address.
  • Code must be entered during login process.

Contact us to learn more about 2FA.

Secure large file transfer

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  • Add secure large file transfer to your SAP epayslips solution.
  • Send large files, securely.
  • No email attachment restrictions.
  • Does not block the mail server.
  • Suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes audit trail for track and trace.

Single sign on

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