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Simple, encrypted file transfer

Send confidential documents, securely

SSLPost secure email is a simple, user-friendly solution by which you can send confidential documents, files and messages.  You can send secure via the webmail application or download SSLP365, the Outlook Add-In, for instant access to encrypted email.

It works perfectly and the cost was minimal. I cannot believe how easy it is to use.  My secure email is branded with my colours & logo.  I cannot rate SSLPost highly enough!

Sonya Jolly, Jolly Accountancy Services


Web or Outlook access to secure, encrypted email


No software download required by the recipient to access the message


24/7/365 access via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Customise colour and logo to match your company identity


Secure to International standards

Why choose SSLPost secure email?

  • Send messages, file, documents and large files, securely.
  • No email attachment restrictions.
  • Does not block the mail server.
  • Suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes full audit trail for track and trace.
  • Option for track and trace only – no encryption or password needed to access email contents
  • Easily revoke access to message sent in error
  • Option to set time limit for recipient to open the email and access the attachments
  • Configure auto encryption of attachments via SSLP365 Outlook Add-In