Send confidential documents using simple encrypted email

SSLPost secure email is a simple, user-friendly solution by which you can send confidential documents, files and messages.  You can send secure via the webmail application or download SSLP 365, the Outlook 365 Add-In, for instant access to encrypted email.  Alternatively, you can learn more about our secure document portal solution.

It works perfectly and the cost was minimal. I cannot believe how easy it is to use.  My secure email is branded with my colours & logo.  I cannot rate SSLPost highly enough!

Sonya Jolly, Jolly Accountancy Services


Web or Outlook access to encrypted email


No software download required by the recipient to access the message


24/7/365 access to secure email via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Customise your secure email to match your company brand


Secure to International standards

Why choose SSLPost secure email?

  • Send messages, file, documents and large files, securely.
  • No email attachment restrictions.
  • Does not block the mail server.
  • Suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes full audit trail for track and trace.
  • Option for track and trace only – no encryption or password needed to access email contents
  • Easily revoke access to message sent in error
  • Option to set time limit for recipient to open the email and access the attachments
  • Configure auto-encryption of attachments via SSLP 365 Outlook Add-In
SSLP Score Card

Whether you are looking for greater employee engagement or a more secure method to exchange private documents with your workforce or clients, SSLPost’s quiz will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your current communications process and provide the necessary foundations for you to build successful outcomes.

Pop in your contact details and we will email your results and our recommendations in a detailed report, once your quiz has been completed.

FREE SECURE EMAIL account with every completed quiz*.

Grab a coffee and spend a few minutes taking our quiz to learn more!

*New secure email customers only.  Standard email account requires a quick and simple registration process to set password prior to use.

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