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SSLP365 secure email
Outlook 365 Add-In

SSLP365.  Outlook secure email solution

Now you can send SSLPost secure emails from Outlook 365!

If you have ever had to switch between applications to send an encrypted email you understand what a hassle this can be.  Now you can send SSLPost secure emails directly from Outlook 365 at the click of a button using our Outlook secure email solution!

SSLP365 is a simple Outlook secure email solution that can be set up in less than five minutes and used for life.

You can also set your application to automatically encrypt the email and attachment/s by selecting trigger words that, when found in the subject line or content, will send the email via SSLP365.

Quick, easy and user-friendly, SSLP 365 is the perfect answer to meet your secure email requirements.

Why choose SSLP365 secure email via Outlook?

  • Send messages, files & documents, securely.
  • Operates directly from Microsoft Outlook 365.
  • No more jams!  SSLP 365 is suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes full audit trail for track and trace.
  • Configure auto encryption of attachments, body text & subject line, locally or centrally.
  • Brandable to suit your company identity.
  • No software, app or download required by the recipient.
  • Quick, easy and user intuitive.
Security in a safe bubble

Ideal for:

  • Mobile & distributed workforce
  • Sensitive/confidential documents
  • Business/HR documentation


  • Data protection compliance
  • Save cost and time
  • Supports environmental policies


  • Full audit trail via dashboard
  • Local or central encryption control
  • No change to email software required

SSLP365 Outlook secure email solution is flexible, robust, and more importantly, secure.  And the best bit?  You can keep your current email software provider; our solution integrates into your current infrastructure allowing access to secure email, whenever you need it.

how secure email for outlook 365 works

Read more about the SSLP365 (PDF document) solution for Outlook secure email or watch our video below.

Making compliance easy

Security of personal information is extremely important.  When you choose an SSLPost solution, you are choosing to secure your data using enterprise-level encryption. Whether the data is in transit between a business and an employee or at rest on the server, your data is locked up tight using one of the best encryption technologies available in the world today.  Read more here>

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