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Oracle epayslips solution

Oracle users can benefit from a cost-effective, secure SSLPost Oracle epayslip solution too!

Our employee hubs, including epayslips, are designed to be payroll software agnostic.  When compared to a similar solution provided by your Oracle vendor, you will discover huge benefits in cost, security, ease of use and time with SSLPost.  

Oracle customers are delighted with the ease of integration, time savings and simplicity of the SSLPost epayslips portal solution.

To create a true employee hub, add P60s, P11Ds and P45s, HR communications, contracts, announcements and pension letters to your portal.  You can add documents requiring approval/acknowledgement like terms and conditions and policies.  You can also add generic documents that apply to everyone.  Add secure email so employees can securely message you straight from their portal and include links or single-sign on to other third party provisions like employee benefits and workplace pension.

Your employees benefit from 24/7/365 access to all important work-related pay and HR documentation via one, convenient portal that they can access via mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Ask us about our Oracle epayslips and employee hub solutions, today.

Our employees wanted their important HR and payroll documentation to be accessible at any time of day, whether on site or off.  SSLPost were able to accommodate our requirements at a fraction of the cost of the vendor solution we were previously considering.

Secure email options

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Add SSLPost secure email to your Oracle epayslips portal to send sensitive information, safely.

  • Secure email can be sent and received via the employee portal - ideal for those without company email licenses.
  • Track and trace receipt and opening activity via a full audit trail.
  • Reply, resend and forward using our simple yet secure email solution.
To discuss your options for secure, encrypted email, contact us today.

Branding options

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Customise your Oracle epayslips solution with your logo and company colour palette to match your company branding.

Contact us today to learn more.

Two factor Authentication (2FA)

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  • Additional layer of security to your Oracle epayslips solution.
  • Confirms recipient identity.
  • Send a “one time code” to the recipient’s email address or use authenticator to verify user.
  • Code must be entered during login process.

Contact us to learn more about 2FA.

Secure large file transfer

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  • Add secure large file transfer to your Oracle epayslips solution.
  • Send large files, securely.
  • No email attachment restrictions.
  • Does not block the mail server.
  • Suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes audit trail for track and trace.

Single sign on

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Link your SSLPost portal to other employee services with Single sign on. Contact SSLPost today to discuss your requirements.
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