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We are often asked to help clients create a business case for electronic payslips.  These clients may have stakeholders with budgets, may manage departmental workloads and may need to convince others within the business of the savings to be made versus the hassle of changing to a new delivery system for PAYE documents.

We provided a similar table, in a previous blog.  This time we have split it into sections that may be useful when addressing stakeholder requirements:

Why choose epayslips? email SSLPost epayslips
Safe, secure delivery N Y
Encrypted in transit and at rest on the server N Y
Track & trace at no extra cost N Y
Multi-person handling Y N
Audit reporting N Y
Compliant with International Security standards N Y
Compliant with GDPR requirements* N Y
Branded Y Y
Suitable for P60/P11D/P45 Y Y
Suitable for HR Communications Y Y
Suitable for Statutory AE communications Y Y
Suitable for multi-site employees/environment N Y
Suitable for offshore employees N Y
Suitable for multi-role employees Y Y
Suitable for multi-media output N Y
Employee benefits    
Access 24/7/365 N Y
Access via mobile device N Y
Suitable for hot-desks/shared environments N/A Y
Suitable for those without email addresses Y Y
Software download or app required N N
All PAYE documents in one place N Y
Deterioration/damage/loss risk Y N
Printer required Y N
Printer consumables required Y N
Postage required Y N
Stationery required Y N
Printer/pressure sealer required Y N
Delivery impact on your carbon footprint Y N
Fast turnaround N Y
Reproduction required Y N
Manual handling required Y N
Resource Heavy Light
Time Heavy Light

**Our epayslip and secure file transfer solutions may be used as part of your organisation’s overall approach to data privacy, security and the requirements of GDPR. Data is encrypted at rest on the server and in transit. Secure to International Standards, if used in accordance with the User Guides and any instruction given during training, the solution delivers compliance with the GDPR requirement to use “appropriate technical measures” to protect personal data for the selected application. GDPR and data protection regulations extend to users as well as the software they use and this must be taken into account when assessing risk for this or any other process, within your organisation.

When you weigh up the case for electronic payslips. It is pretty strong:

  • Think about the cost and time required to dispose of or recycle equipment, ink cartridges and paper.
  • Think about the transport methods, environmental impact and cost to deliver a single item of post.
  • Consider the number of people/machines that touch that item between you posting it and it being delivered.
  • Think about how you are going to deliver payslips to those working outside your office, in branches in the UK and abroad.
  • Think about how your employees want to access their payslips, the convenience and the longevity of the payslip itself.
  • Consider how much time your HR/Payroll team spend reproducing lost documents for staff.
  • Think about your maintenance costs for equipment like printers and pressure seal machines.


Companies that return to paper payslips after switching to electronic delivery are as rare as finding a gold tooth in a hen. Electronic payslips tick all the boxes for safety, security and environmentally responsible business practices. It is time to make the change.

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