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ePayslips are fast becoming the preferred method for delivering PAYE documentation and yet there are still many companies that have yet to embrace the benefits. Employees are increasingly using mobile devices in their everyday life so accessing payslip information electronically is a natural progression.

So what is holding them back?


“We thought it would mean a change in payroll software”
SSLPost epayslip solutions work alongside 99% of existing payroll software to deliver the PAYE documents securely and safely.

“We thought it would mean we needed new technology installed”
Unless you want to host the SSLPost epayslip solution on your own server, no new technology is required.

“We thought it would be a hassle to train staff in a new system”
Training system admin staff is all part of the implementation and clients have reported how simple and easy the solution is to administer. User guides are provided for end users. However, the solution rarely requires the user to refer to instructions.

“We have some people who still want paper payslips”
You can combine traditional production methods with electronic methods; outputting to a printer for those wanting paper payslips and sending the remainder to the employee portals.

“We thought it would be expensive”
ePayslips cost a fraction of the cost of producing, preparing and distributing paper payslips.

“Not everyone has an email address”
Not everyone needs an email address to access their secure epayslip portal. It is particularly suited to shared computers and hot-desk environments.

“We are concerned about the security of our sensitive staff data”
Security is and always has been, of great importance to us. That is why we monitor our core systems 24/7/365, perform daily penetration and vulnerability testing, and are proud to hold ISO27001:2013 – the industry recognised standard for information security.

“Not everyone has access to a computer”
If you have access to the internet and a device to access it with (laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc.), you can access an epayslip portal.

After implementation, the main feedback from clients is…
“Why didn’t we do this earlier?!”


Why choose epayslips?

Post SSLPost
Safe, secure delivery No Yes
Encrypted in transit and at rest on the server No Yes
Track & trace at no extra cost No Yes
Multi-person handling Yes No
Audit reporting No Yes
Compliant with International Security standards No Yes
Compliant with GDPR requirements* No Yes
Branded Yes Yes
Suitable for P60/P11D/P45 Yes Yes
Suitable for HR Communications Yes Yes
Suitable for Statutory AE communications Yes Yes
Suitable for multi-site employees/environment Yes Yes
Suitable for offshore employees No Yes
Suitable for multi-role employees Yes Yes
Suitable for multi-media output No Yes
Employee benefits    
Access 24/7/365 No Yes
Access via a mobile device No Yes
Suitable for hot-desks/shared environments N/A Yes
Suitable for those without email addresses Yes Yes
Software download or app required No No
All PAYE documents in one place No Yes
Deterioration/damage/loss risk Yes No
Printer required Yes No
Printer consumables required Yes No
Postage required Yes No
Stationery required Yes No
Printer/pressure sealer required Yes No
Delivery impact on carbon footprint Yes No
Fast turnaround No Yes
Reproduction required Yes No
Manual handling required Yes No
Resource Heavy Light
Time Heavy Light

When you look at the main issues side by side, ePayslips win on every level. Contact us today to learn more. Our team of experts are here to help you start saving money, time and resource.

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