Secure your sensitive documents with SSLPost edocument delivery

The SSLPost edocument delivery portal allows you to securely send sensitive, time critical documents to single or multiple recipients, at the click of a button.

Create secure libraries and repositories for operations, planning & development, pensions, legal and human resources or a Subject Access Request Portal for GDPR compliance – the possibilities are endless!  You can download our edocument delivery datasheet here

No postage, no printer consumables, no stationery and no time lost on delivery – why use anything else?

Are  you looking to send files and documents securely via email?  SSLPost offer a simple, safe and cost-effective GDPR compliant* solution for secure file transfer. You can read about SSLPost secure email here or learn more about our solutions for SAP, here.

Read about GDPR compliance and email security in our blog or contact us today to learn more.

*Our solutions may be used as part of your organisation’s overall approach to data privacy, security and the requirements of GDPR. Data is encrypted at rest on the server and in transit. Secure to International Standards, if used in accordance with the User Guides and any instruction given during or post training, the edocument delivery solution delivers compliance with the GDPR requirement to use “appropriate technical measures” to protect personal data for the selected application. GDPR and data protection regulations extend to users as well as the software they use and this must be taken into account when assessing risk for this or any other process, within your organisation. 

Why choose SSLPost edocument delivery?

eDocument delivery

What can I use SSLPost edocument delivery for?




Project documentation Accountants:
Quarterly reports, management accounts, balance sheets, VAT and tax reports
Pension forecasting tools, documents and statements
Employee handbooks Solicitors:
Legal documentation, contracts, bids, offers, court documents and reports
Prize draws & online competitions
Policies and procedures Social care
Case notes, third party notes, meeting and assessment reports, agency documents, court and other legal representations
Membership messages and promotional offers
Instructions & guides Planners:
Plans, designs drawings, letters, documents, planning office and local authority communications
Personalised bookings and concierge requests
Monitoring and management of sales incentives and performance House sales:
Contracts, offers, surveys, invoices, communications for buyers and sellers
GDPR Subject Access Request handling
HR communications, statutory letters, contracts, disciplinary letters and companywide memos Product design:
Designs, specifications, feedback, legal documentation, patent applications
Subscription-based documents in a bookshelf format
Not on the list? Contact SSLPost to discuss your edocument delivery requirements.

edocument delivery options

Add SSLPost secure email to your edocument delivery portal to send sensitive information, safely.

View our secure email videos here and learn how Elizabeth Mailer gets Agent Elman out of hot water…more than once!

To discuss your options for secure email, contact us today.

  • Customise your edocument delivery solution to suit your company branding.

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  • Additional layer of security.
  • Confirms recipient identity.
  • Send a “soft token” to the recipient’s mobile phone.
  • Code must be entered during login process.

Contact us to learn more about 2FA.

  • Add secure large file transfer to your edocument delivery solution.
  • Send large files, securely.
  • No email attachment restrictions.
  • Does not block the mail server.
  • Suitable for file sizes greater than 4GB (standard mailbox restriction).
  • Includes audit trail for track and trace.

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Use a single login to access all intranet documents including SSLPost edocument delivery.

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