Secure documents anytime, anywhere

The secure document portal from SSLPost is a flexible, encrypted solution to all your edocument delivery needs. Controlled centrally through the administrator dashboard, you can add personalised or non-personalised documents by group, to all or to a single individual.

Add in the option of Digital Document Approval to replace wet signatures and expensive, complex proprietary document signing solutions, and you have a full document service in one place!

The secure edocument delivery portal has a wide variety of uses, including:




Project documentation Accountants:
Quarterly reports, management accounts, balance sheets, VAT and tax reports
Pension forecasting tools, documents and statements
Employee handbooks Solicitors:
Legal documentation, contracts, bids, offers, court documents and reports
Prize draws & online competitions
Policies and procedures Social care
Case notes, third party notes, meeting and assessment reports, agency documents, court and other legal representations
Membership messages and promotional offers
Instructions & guides Planners:
Plans, designs drawings, letters, documents, planning office and local authority communications
Personalised bookings and concierge requests
Monitoring and management of sales incentives and performance House sales:
Contracts, offers, surveys, invoices, communications for buyers and sellers
GDPR Subject Access Request handling
HR communications, statutory letters, contracts, disciplinary letters and companywide memos Product design:
Designs, specifications, feedback, legal documentation, patent applications
Subscription-based documents in a bookshelf format

“Excellent project management and communication were key to the success of the project. SSLPost delivered against a very tight timescale and provided an impressive, user-friendly edocument delivery solution, to multiple stakeholders, that enabled us to fulfil our obligations to the business”.


Self-service edocument delivery portal for personalised or non personalised documents


No software download required by the user to access the edocument delivery portal


24/7/365 access to the edocument delivery portal via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Customise colour and logo in your edocument delivery portal, to match your company identity


Secure to International standards

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