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Dispersed but close – Communicating on a large scale with remote employees

Communicating on a large scale with remote employees

With the changing workplace comes a change in communication. Remote working is here to stay, and it is altering our workplace needs. So, how do you deal with communication on a large scale when you have remote employees?

Everything is no longer in one place

The change in the way information, documents and even casual conversation happens in the workplace has been nothing short of a roller coaster in the last few years. If you think back just ten years or so to how we sent documents or other information to other locations within a multi-site business, you find a much less secure and far more manual way of working. Many companies still issued payslips through the physical post, and information such as employee records or medical details was often still considered too sensitive for electronic storage. If you want to really see how far we have come in terms of work technology, go back another 15 years to the end of the 20th century and take a look at photographs of working offices. You will see fax machines, post trays on desks and filing cabinets still in common use.

Rapid advances in technology are part of the reason the modern workplace is developing so fast, but there has also been a fundamental shift in the way we think about where our workspace is. Many businesses were already moving to a more remote-based set of working practices, but the pandemic demonstrated just how well remote working could work. The financial gains and the employee benefits of home working were a real eye-opener for many businesses. No wonder remote and hybrid working has become regular practice.

The problem with remote working, though, is that by its very nature, it means a lot of information, documentation and data still need to be available to the workforce. Add to this that communication, particularly ‘quick chat’ style interaction is also more difficult, and it becomes clear that remote working has its challenges.

When things are no longer in one place, you need a way to unite them.

Everything is collected in a single access point with myworksapp

Alongside the need for remote access comes the change in the methods we use to gain access. While intranets and employee portals work, they are often a little clumsy on mobiles. They are also often standalone and may not integrate well. All this often means multiple applications and access methods are required for very simple tasks such as checking your payslip or sending a quick message.

For remote employees and those that frequently travel, access to information can be frustrating. The need to switch between programs or use a larger screen to get the full benefit of some software or an intranet portal is time-consuming and, frankly, awkward. To be able to simply grab a phone or tablet and just log into one secure app that does everything seems the obvious answer.

With myworksapp, we have created a way to gather the most common information employees need in a single access point, and it is simplicity itself to use. The employer or organisation decides which of the functions they want the user to be able to access. Once the workforce downloads and installs the app, rather than open their phone, search through a series of app screens, find an individual app, log in and then find the information they need, everything is gathered together. Epayslips, work and secure emails, their intranet and HR portals and messages, just to name a few functions, are gathered on one screen. For the user, that means a simple, single access point rather than multiple searches and frustrating password and security issues. Pop-ups will also alert them when new documents are available for their attention.

In a work landscape where everything is dispersed, the myworksapp is able to bring it all into one focal point. Communication on a large scale then comes down to a very small device and a simple, easy-to-use app. It takes the distance out of remote and makes life easier for everyone.

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