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Convenient is the new efficient – How myworksapp creates an easy workflow

How myworksapp creates an easy workflow

When it comes to the working day, there is nothing quite like getting things done in the most convenient way. In a mobile-driven world, the more work-related information we have in the palm of our hands, the faster we have access to what we need.

Everyone is mobile, so access should be as well

We all live on our mobile devices. They give us everything we need to know, from how to get where we are going, through to the news. The ping of messages and push notifications are now second nature to us, and we react to them almost without knowing we are doing it.

Why, then, should your work communications be different?

Let me give you an example of what I mean in action. I was recently sitting on a train and across the table from me was what I assumed was a hybrid working employee on their way home. As most of us do, they were skimming through their phone when it rang with an incoming call. There was a brief conversation about their timesheet, and as a result, my table companion had to pull out their laptop and try to get onto the public wifi, but, of course, the laptop ran out of battery halfway through logging on. There was then a power socket hunt before they eventually managed to try and log onto what I assume was an HR portal of some kind. It required two layers of authentication, one to get onto the portal and then a second one for their secure documents… which they had forgotten. After a series of clicks and guesses, during which they became more and more frustrated, they managed to finally see the document they had been asked to review. It took a few seconds for them to look at it, and then they logged into their email to send a message about it. The whole process took maybe 30 minutes to complete, during which time they were clearly getting more and more irritated.

All that hassle took place when they had a device sitting on the table in front of them that should have been perfectly capable of doing what they needed. What happened here was that the simple task of viewing some personal information had, for some reason, become an onerous process of powering equipment and multiple online events. Even putting aside the hassle factor, it was incredibly inefficient, intruded on their personal time and was overly complex.

Bringing everything together is the obvious solution

With myworksapp, everything in that chain of events would have been gathered in one place. It is designed around the very simple principle that an employee should be able to access all their employee and other work-related information from one easy-to-use, secure application. Rather than flick through various apps or need to log in via internet-based portals, users of myworksapp are presented with a front-end menu consisting of easy-to-navigate selections of work-related information. Everything they have access to has been selected by the employer as appropriate to their personal needs. Secure email, dedicated messaging and push notifications are also available. The subset of information defined by the employer can allow the user access to employment information such as their P60s, P11Ds, and pension details, as well as allowing them to view payslips and other documents. With myworksapp, the employee can also go through HR portals and intranet logins as needed. All this information is coupled with secure email and document transfer for total security, including the use of 2-factor authentication.

If my poor travelling companion had access to his information via myworksapp, then instead of the phone call, the desperate search for power, switching devices and all the other frustrations, there would have been a single push notification telling them they had a document to review.

In an employment landscape where more people are now working remotely, keeping your employees engaged with the workplace is a vital part of acquiring and retaining the right team. One of the benefits of myworksapp is that everything the employee needs access to for their work documentation and communications is there in one place. Engagement with the workplace is, therefore, a single action, not a complex series of portals and passwords. It is conveniently on their mobile devices, and what they see and use is totally under the control of the employer. When you look at the convenience that it brings, it is no wonder that our clients tell us that their employees respond so well to the app.

Call us, and let’s talk about how we can make your and your employees’ work communications and documentation more accessible. That way, everyone can waste less time on what should really be easily accessed information.

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