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Communication is key – Find out your employee communication score

Employee Communication Scorecard

Effective employee communication is vital if you want your business to run smoothly. The problem is that a lack of communication isn’t always easy to spot. We designed our short employee communication quiz to help you give a defined score to show how well you are doing when it comes to this all-important area.

What is your Employee Communication Score?

What you will get at the end of the quiz is intended to give a guide to how well your employees engage with your communication process. It is the engagement that is key because, in our experience, a lack of engagement is usually more about the way the processes work than the employees.

Your team want to communicate effectively because it helps them perform better and, just as importantly, it makes their working life easier. So, the results of this quiz are about how your processes are facilitating effective communication.

At the end of the quiz, you will receive a report that will give you an overall percentage value of how well your communication is working in four key areas. These are:

  • Communications and Engagement

This is all about communication with the workforce. As with any other walk of life, the workplace will run more smoothly if you communicate in a way that the team prefer. What we are measuring here relates directly to how well your team can differentiate between urgent and less important communications. Will they be able to access them when needed and store them effectively?

Ultimately how well your team engage with communication will impact their ability to differentiate and respond. The easier it is to engage with their communication, the more likely they are to respond appropriately.

  • Compliance and Security

GDPR (and whatever comes next) has been and will continue to be, central to the compliance requirements of every business in the UK. Our Employee Communication quiz will overview your current status in regard to the security of personally identifiable information and related areas to give you a perspective on where you stand. We will look at areas such as the competence of your team when it comes to recognising phishing emails and other security risks and then add this to your report and score.

Sadly, most data breaches are down to human error. A relatively small number are malicious acts, of course, but the majority are simple mistakes caused by a lack of understanding.

  • Workflow Automation

We all know that ‘paperwork’ is a time soak. Just how much time we lose to mundane tasks such as distributing HR documents, posting payslips and printing and filing paper copies is rarely measured, though.

The quiz will look at how much automation there is in these processes and score you accordingly. Paper shuffling is directly linked to increased costs and often also tied up with compliance problems, so it’s important to recognise how you can reduce or remove it from the workplace.

  • Employee benefits

In these times of skills gaps and increasing pressure from the cost of living and other sources, your employee benefits are vital to acquiring and retaining staff. One of the most cost-effective ways to reward your workforce is through shopping vouchers, salary sacrifice schemes, e-vouchers and similar incentives. The quiz will consider this vital area and look at ways you can deliver these benefits securely and easily to your team.

The report you receive will be unique to you and based on your input to the quiz. It only takes around 5 minutes to complete, and it could well be the most important 5 minutes you spend today.

Why worry about Employee Communication?

It is easy to let a communication problem slip by; in fact, a lot of businesses have done just that for many years. So, is it that important? Do you really need to think about it?

Well, the bottom line is that without effective employee communication, a vital part of your operational procedures is misfiring. As a business, you are not utilising a major contributor to success. With effective employee communications in place, you will see an uplift in employee engagement and effectiveness, meet your compliance needs more easily, and reduce costs and wasted time.

While our quiz alone cannot resolve any issues it uncovers, it will help you take the step of recognising where you are doing well and where you can improve… Not bad for something you can do in your coffee break.

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