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e-Payslips & Chocolate

I have always wanted to be one of those people for whom a small, discreet accordion folder for home paperwork storage works. After many unsuccessful attempts to find the perfect solution that does not tear, collapse at a vital moment or become so over stuffed it explodes in a hail of paperwork, I finally resorted to a full sized filing cabinet. Although I tend to do an end of year purge and archive into the loft, I live in fear that at some stage, I will be required to find that vital collection of paperwork to support an application that has been ‘lofted’.

The move to paperless systems for utility bills, banking and other services has improved the issue of accommodating the ever-increasing paperwork. My cabinet now accommodates, predominantly, warranties and guarantees along with miscellaneous statements where the provider still uses snail mail. Oh yes, and my secret stash of chocolate (I have to hide it somewhere!).

When I am asked to produce old wage slips, P60s and P11Ds, I am forced to delve into the loft to find the necessary document usually resorting in complete panic that the vital section is missing usually because, at some stage, I felt it more efficient to place them with a different set of documents relating to ‘HMRC’ or ‘Work’. When finally retrieved, the documents show battle scars from a tussle with the one-piece-mailer construction, the print is faded and they are virtually illegible.

When I started working for my current employer, I discovered all PAYE documents are sent electronically via their epayroll solution. My e-payslip arrives on time and over-curious people cannot access my epayroll information without entering my private password; the information is protected by some serious encryption.

Having worked for some pretty big corporates in the past who still to this day, print and post PAYE documents, it strikes me that everyone should be sending e-payslips. For a start, the annual cost of hardcopies must be horrendous; in printer consumables, paper, envelopes and postage – even those pesky one-piece documents are expensive. Sending them electronically directly from the payroll system, as long as the e-payslip delivery system is completely secure, has to be a more cost-effective option.

For me, well I can access the little critters when I need them, print them if I need to and better still, they do not take up a chunk of my filing cabinet space (which is better utilised accommodating more delicious, melty loveliness). I would not have to request duplicate copies from the payroll department of a company I no longer work for and better still, I can retrieve PAYE documents without a trip up the loft ladder.

To learn more about e-payslips and the options available for employers, click here.

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