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edocument portal project with online approval function

The company

The subject of this case study was a large company with multiple bases both home and abroad and remote staff based on customer sites as well as the offices and premises of the client.

The company is an innovator in its field and has chosen to be anonymous for the purposes of retaining competitive advantage.

In this study, the commercial relationship was via a reseller and the project implementation and liaison for the online approval solution was directly with the SSLPost Project Management Team.

The Issues

Following multiple acquisitions, the client’s HR department had a requirement to consolidate and standardise employee agreements. With C8000 staff based throughout the UK and abroad, the solution also needed to include those that were on long term leave. A quick and easy method for document approval process was required.

A paper-based exercise would have been too time-consuming for the HR staff with a high risk of documents going astray. The tight timings for issue and implementation of the new terms meant that real-time central administrative monitoring and management was essential for any online approval solution.

“Excellent project management and communication were key to the success of the project. SSLPost delivered against a very tight timescale and provided an impressive, user-friendly solution, to multiple stakeholders, that enabled us to fulfil our obligations to the business”

Client Project Manager
The Solution

The reseller turned to trusted technology partner, SSLPost, to deliver a bespoke online approval solution to manage the process from creating the documents to delivering and managing online approvals.

Two country-specific base templates and spreadsheets containing multiple text options and conditions were provided. SSLPost mapped the data and text into individual documents before the final document was reformatted to PDF and delivered to the employee’s personal secure electronic portal.

Each member of staff was able to create a private login where they could view and approve the document, via a single click. Once approved, the date, timestamp, device and browser information were captured, added to a final page, reformatted into one single approved PDF and made available for download by the HR department and/or employee.

Through a central administration dashboard, the HR team were able to monitor and manage the online approvals process, print and despatch any contracts to employees with no work email access and subsequently upload any scanned, approved hardcopy contracts, as required.

Their private information remains confidential and the Payroll Department is able to monitor activity via the in-built audit reporting that is standard within all SSLPost solutions.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with their solution. The Users; both HR staff and employees, found it easy to operate at all levels. The solution also allowed for new documents to be created as individual employee negotiations were concluded and add new starter documents when required.

The administration dashboard allowed HR staff to monitor who had approved their document, handle password issues, email address changes and manual document management.

The client was able to deliver their business requirements, within the timescales required and obtain a file of approved documents, at completion, for subsequent import to their HR system.

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