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Case Study – Online digital approval portal

The company

Our client is a large company who has made significant acquisitions over the past few years.  The vast majority of their employees are remotely based on client sites. The project ran over the period of Covid 19 restrictions, so the office-based staff only had limited access to resources over the period. Their latest acquisition required new contracts of employment to be sent to and approved by their newly acquired workforce.

The company has chosen to be anonymous for the purposes of retaining competitive advantage.

The Issues

Following their latest acquisition, the client’s HR department had a requirement to consolidate and standardise employee agreements. With all staff based remotely due to projects or Covid 19 restrictions, the solution also needed to include those that were on long term sickness or maternity leave with no access to company email. A quick and easy method for digital approval of documents was required. A paper-based exercise would have been too time consuming for the HR staff with a high risk of documents going astray. In addition, due to office closures, the HR staff had very restricted access to printers and office resources.

“Another team in the business recommended SSLPost. The SSLPost team provided a level of service over and above what we expected. They were knowledgeable, experienced and such a great help. They suggested some upgrades to the original portal to increase engagement, implemented our wish list and delivered just what we needed, on time and within budget. We could not have asked for anything more!”

Client Project Manager

The Solution

Having previously delivered a similar project for this company for a different team, we provided an upgraded digital approval solution to manage the process. In addition, in order to increase employee engagement, single sign-on was implemented so the employee had no need to register or create a new password to view and approve their contracts.  SSLPost also enhanced the administration dashboard to include further statistics that enabled the HR department to create a competitive environment between departments for completion of the digital approvals.

A series of email templates, contract documents, a form and a letter were created by merging and mapping multiple text variants into their correct positions within the documents.  The final contract document was delivered to the employee’s personal secure portal. Each member of staff was able to log into their company account to view and approve the document. Once approved, the date, ID, name, timestamp, device, and browser information were captured, added to a final page, reformatted into one single approved PDF and made available for download by the HR department and/or employee. Through a central administration dashboard, the HR team were able to monitor and manage the approvals process, print and despatch any contracts to employees with no work email access and subsequently upload any scanned, approved hardcopy contracts, as required.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with their solution. The users; both HR staff and employees, found it easy to use at all levels. The digital approval solution also allowed for new documents to be created as individual employee negotiations were concluded and add new starter documents when required. The administration dashboard allowed HR staff to monitor who had approved their document by department as well as manual document management for out of office personnel. With 100% completion by the desired cut-off date, the client was able to deliver their business requirements, within the timescales required and obtain a file of approved documents, at completion, for subsequent import to their HR system.

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