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Case Study - Trace Payroll Services

The company

Trace Payroll Services is a well-established and respected company with forty years’ experience providing quality payroll services to clients with 100+ employees.  Trace were looking to expand their portfolio by adding a secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution and turned to epayslip encryption experts, SSLPost.

The experienced payroll professionals at Trace understand the complexities of current payroll processes and legislation and work in partnership with clients to ensure the service they provide meets and exceeds client expectations.

With a turnover of £2.1m and over 220 clients with differing requirements, Trace Payroll Services process over 50,000 payslips per month from over 300 payrolls, increasing over the period April to June when P60 and P11D documents are issued.

The Issues

Trace’s clients were under pressure to reduce costs, improve data security and move to greener technology. Trace required an electronic PAYE document delivery solution that would be flexible, scalable, cost-effective and robust enough to handle peaks of demand. It was essential the chosen solution was user-friendly and easy-to-configure.

The solution required the option of group or individual customisation to retain corporate standards, excellent customer support facilities and be straightforward for the user. In addition, the solution needed to reduce the requests for duplicate PAYE documents.

Trace required that the solution be implemented at minimal cost and with no impact on the daily operations of the business.

“Trace made the right decision when choosing SSLPost as a partner. From initial discussion to ongoing support, their solution, professionalism and efficiency were everything we asked for and more.”

Ian Davidson, Sales & Marketing Director
The Solution

SSLPost met all the required criteria and engaged directly to deliver the new Trace white-labelled solution to their client base. In addition to electronic PAYE document delivery, the solution allowed for the option of distribution of HR and company communications – all within a secure and private portal produced to ISO27001 standards.

From project specification to delivery, the process took 8 weeks. This included the provision of a bespoke API to support multiple data streams across over 200 clients, customised and own-brand portals for all clients and training of the user base.

The solution seamlessly linked with incumbent software to deliver the electronic solution without substantial implementation costs or impact on their daily business. SSLPost were also engaged to provide second line support to Trace clients.

The Outcome

The implementation went smoothly with no down-time or interruption to the daily workflow of Trace employees.

The impact of the new solution was immediate. Trace clients and the Trace support team experienced an 89% decrease in duplicate document requests. The document could be now be tracked throughout the distribution process, costs were reduced, documents were delivered faster and more effectively and the solution also adapted to a range of viewing devices.

The in-built reporting functions provided Trace with increased visibility of client activity for account management purposes. On-boarding new clients is quick and straightforward and SSLPost second line support consistently exceeds customer satisfaction targets.

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