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Case Study - UBU

The company

ubu provide personalised support to people who have learning disabilities and/or complex behaviours, operating across four regions; Yorkshire, North East, North West and East Midlands.  They wanted to implement a secure, online payslip portal to increase efficiency and to offer the convenience of 24/7/365 access to PAYE documentation to their staff.

The ubu vision is to “enable citizenship by transforming people’s lives with minimal support”. In practical terms this means that ubu strive to give the people they serve choice; whether it’s where they live, where they work or how they live their lives from day to day. ubu work to create a plan that is specific to each customer’s needs, which will allow them to become the person they want to be.

Whilst ensuring support is provided safely and correctly, ubu’s focus lies in helping the people they serve to identify and achieve their individual goals. This could be anything from taking a shopping trip, to going on holiday to the other side of the world. There is no limit to the potential ubu see in each of their customers. Therefore, they work continuously and tirelessly to ensure that each and every person they serve can realise and achieve their desired outcomes.

The Issues

ubu needed to change their current payroll document distribution from traditional print and post methods to a secure online payslip portal solution as the costs for operating this area of the business were becoming prohibitive.

ubu had experienced the same challenges as many businesses today; increased postage, printer consumables, stationery and resource costs. They also wanted to eliminate the risk of payslips going missing in the post and reduce the amount of duplicates requested for financial applications.

With multiple staff using one computer, the solution needed to be secure and private for the individual. In addition, it had to be easy to manage, monitor and very user-friendly. Implementation needed to be seamless and the solution to be up and running in a short time frame.

ubu went to the information security market seeking a suitable solution to address their business needs and to provide a fast return on their investment.

“The SSLPost portal is an easy and straightforward alternative to traditional print and post methods. The time it takes to run our company payslips has reduced significantly from two members of staff taking two days to one person taking 70 minutes. We have also saved £5,700 in costs”

Steven Mitchell, Payroll Manager, ubu
The Solution

ubu chose SSLPost to provide their employee online payslip portal. The SSLPost solution satisfied all ubu’s business requirements and being experts in the field of encryption technology, SSLPost could implement the solution without disrupting daily business processes.

SSLPost provided ubu with an employee online payslip portal that stores PAYE documents for every employee making salary history accessible to employees at any time. In addition, the portal provided the necessary technology to ensure their sensitive information remained secure and private when using shared computers.

SSLPost online payslip portal batch processes the ubu payroll, separating each payslip and dropping it into a secure individual payslip portal created for each employee.

The solution was implemented in a very short timeframe with no disruption. Due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface, minimal training was required.

The Outcome

The benefit of the new system was clear from day one. Before implementation 1,200 payslips required two staff, one day per month to print, fold, sort and frank, ready to post. After the SSLPost online payslip portal solution was implemented, resource was reduced to one person spending a maximum 70 minutes, once a month; saving ubu significant staff time that could then be directed on other company matters.

Employee online payslip portal access to PAYE information reduced the amount of time spent duplicating payslips for various reasons; pay data is now delivered quicker and pay queries addressed promptly. Each individual’s salary information remains confidential even when accessing the portal from a shared computer, thanks to SSLPost online payslip portal technology.

The SSLPost online payslip portal, being completely paperless, underpinned ubu’s green policy and reduced waste.

In addition, the alleviation of postage costs has saved ubu £4,800 per year with an additional saving of £900 on stationery and printer consumables.

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