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SSLPost eportal admin guide

Thank you for choosing the SSLPost eportal. To help you get up and running quickly, we’ve compiled an easy to use eportal admin guide to describe the steps needed to reset Employee’s password, disable an Employee’s account, adding security questions and adding a password policy – depending on the services your company have elected to use.

This SSLPost eportal admin guide provides you with a basic ‘step by step’ set of instructions for managing your SSLPost eportal accounts.

  1.   Logging into the admin eportal
  2.   Search for an employee
  3.   View audit trail
    1.   Delivery details
    2.   Message options
    3.   Package contents
    4.   Audit log
  4.   Password resets
  5.   Masquerade as user
  6.   Disable an employee account
  7.   Create administrators
  8.   Add a password policy
  9.   Add security questions
  10.   Other queries


Logging into the SSLPost Administrator eportal

When your SSLPost eportal account was initially set up, you would have stipulated on the sign-up form, those employees you wish to be Administrators on the account. For the purposes of this user Guide, we will assume your account has been set up as an Administrator. If it has not, then you will need to contact your SSLPost Account Manager to arrange this.

The URL you will need to log in will be similar to the one below.  You will have been provided the correct link during your installation call with one of our developers:“Your Company Name”/

It is recommended that you save the login URL to your Internet browser favourites / bookmarks:

Once at the login screen, just enter in either your email address, employee payroll number or NI Number (dependent on the identifier that has been chosen by your company), along with the password you set up originally. When you are ready, click the “Login” button.

Once clicked, you will be taken to your SSLPost eportal admin homepage.


Search for an employee

Within the ‘User Search’ box you can type in your employee’s NI Number and select ‘Filter Results’ and this will search for that employee; providing a results page below:

You will see from the results that the employee has an account but has not yet activated/registered it, so it displays “User has not set a password”.

admin tasks eportal

If they have already set their password, then you will just see “view details” to the right-hand side of the search results. You can click on ‘view details’ and this will take you to a screen where you can see other options such as ‘View Audit Trail’ and ‘Masquerade as User’.


View Audit Trail

Following on from the above screenshot, this ‘View Audit Trail’ option will provide detailed list of uploaded documents and if/when accessed by the user:


Delivery Details

By clicking this box, you will be informed as to whether the recipient has opened the secure email you have sent them. This will be shown with a time/date stamp if we have received this relevant data back from the recipient’s email client.


Message Options

By clicking this box, it will show you how your secure email account has been set up and what options you have associated to it, such as being able to forward attachments etc. From here you can also click on the “update message options” setting.

By unticking “Password Protected” and then clicking “update message” this will remove the password option the recipient would need to enter.

By unticking “Seal Enabled”, and then clicking “update message” this will block the recipient from opening/accessing the contents of this email altogether, in case you have sent this to them in error.


Package Contents

By clicking this box, you will be informed on the attachment information, such as the size of the file, the file name.  You will also have the ability to download the attachment from here or remove access to the recipient.

This panel ONLY allows you to see a snapshot of emails that you have sent. As a security company, we do not store any actual email text that you have sent within our system.


Audit Log

If this option was chosen during set up, it will show you the times that your document was downloaded.


Password resets

From the ‘View Details’ section as described previously, you can change the Employee’s Portal account password by clicking on “Change Password”. We suggest you only do this if an Employee cannot remember their security answers. Otherwise, just direct the employee to the Forgotten Password link on the main portal Log in screen.


Masquerade as User

From the ‘View Details’ section as described previously, this will allow you see what the employee would see when logged in. Please note that when you masquerade as an employee, you can change their selections within their ‘Settings’ area.

When you select ‘Masquerade as User’, you will see the screen overleaf, to remind you that you are in the user’s area:

eportal admin

Once you have finished viewing the Users area, please ‘Logout’ and you will then be notified that you have logged out of the User’s account successfully:

You will still be logged in as eportal Admin at this point.

You can now click on ‘User Admin’ to search another employee if required.


Disable an employee account

From the ‘View Details’ section as described previously, you have the option to disable user.  This will de-activate their account, preventing them from logging into their eportal and also preventing them from opening any previous secure emails they may have been sent. An active account looks like the this:

If you then click on ‘Disable User’, a disabled account looks like this:

You can re-activate someone’s account by clicking ‘Enable User‘ and this will revert back to their previous password and security answers before their account was disabled.


Creating Administrators

From the ‘View Details’ section as described previously, you have the option to ‘Promote to Manager’. This will turn an employee’s portal account into an eportal admin account and allow them the “User Admin” privilege. You can also turn off Administrator Privilege by clicking ‘Demote User‘.


Add a password policy

If you wish to add a password policy to your SSLPost eportal account, that would require your users to enter a specific password configuration, please make sure you are logged into your Administration account.  Click ‘User Admin‘ in the top right-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Password Policy’ section:

eportal admin

Description: Enter in information for your users, i.e. “Please enter an 8-character password, with one upper and one lower case”.

Minimum uppercase letters: This is the number of uppercase letters required on the password.

Minimum lowercase letters: This is the number of lower letters required on the password.

Minimum numeric characters: This is the amount of numbers required on the password.

Minimum special characters: This is the amount of special characters on the password, such as (!, ?).

Minimum password length: This is the minimum length required for the password.


Add Security Questions

If you wish to add further security questions to your SSLPost eportal account that would require your users to enter their personal answer when resetting their passwords, please make sure you are logged into your Administration account.  Click on ‘User Admin’ in the top right-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Security Questions’ section:

You can enter in whatever security question you require. Your users will need to set their own personal answer to the question when they register with the SSLPost eportal. This question will then be asked of them each time they set reset their password.

Please note, if you wish for more than one question to be asked (we recommend three), repeat the process of adding these to the Administration account.

Security Question suggestions

    • What was your childhood nickname?
    • What school did you attend?
    • What is your eldest cousin’s first and last name?
    • What was the last name of your favourite school teacher?
    • In what city/town does your nearest sibling live?
    • What is your maternal grandmother’s maiden name?
    • In what city or town was your first job?
    • What is your favourite film?
    • Who is your favourite actor?


Other Queries

Please contact your company HR or Payroll team directly, in the first instance.

However, if you have any other questions or require further help using the SSLPost eportal admin guide, you can contact our Customer Services team 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) via email at: or

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