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Installing SSLP365;  Outlook 365 secure email

Why use SSLP365 for secure email?

SSLP365, the Outlook 365 secure email solution, enables users to send secure emails, with or without attachments, via the SSLPost SFT (Secure File Transfer) platform using an integrated function their Outlook 365 platform.

You can configure automatic encryption locally, by user, or centrally via Admin, ensuring that messages containing preset trigger words/attachment types/recipients are automatically sent using SSLP365, securely.

Using SSLP365 is easy, quick and will soon become part of your daily routine.  You can easily update or revise your trigger words list at any time using the simple interface and monitor receipt and opening activity via a simple link.

SSLP365 sits on your toolbar so is there when you log into Outlook.  You can choose to send secure before writing your email or afterwards.  It is so simple to use and helps to mitigate the risk of human error when sending sensitive or private information via the internet.

SSLP 365 (for Outlook 365 secure email)  installation

Simply contact us to obtain the URL required to download SSLP365 and follow this video.  It includes how to install SSLP365, the configuration of your trigger words to automatically encrypt your sensitive information and a simple users guide for sending secure emails:

Questions or need help?

If you have any questions or need help with your SSLP365 for Outlook 365 secure email, simply email our support team, and we will be pleased to assist you.  You can also find online support here.

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