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Installing Outlook plugin for secure email and secure file transfer


The SSLPost Outlook plugin for secure email enables users to send secure emails, with or without attachments, via the SSLPost SFT (Secure File Transfer) platform using an interface on their Outlook platform.

System Requirements

Outlook plugin for secure email requires:

Please note, if you already have .Net, you will get the message below:


SSLPost Outlook plugin for secure email is very easy to install and use.

An MSI installer needs to be provided to you.  Please contact

Once received;

Close down Outlook.

  • Double click MSI installer, you will get the first screen:

Outlook plugin for secure email

Check the “I Accept…” box and click “Install”, you will then see the screen below:

On successful installation, you will see this screen:

NOTE: If the setup process did not go as described, please contact our support team at

Using SSLPost Outlook Plugin for secure email 

Upon launching Outlook, a new tab labelled “SSLPost” will be shown in the main outlook ribbon, this tab contains 3 buttons as the screenshot below:

Outlook plugin for secure email


Email Info: Shows information returned by SSLPost, this info is available ONLY for emails sent using the SSLPost platform.

Settings: Shows dialog box where you can customise the Plugin’s working behaviour.

About: Shows extra info about the plugin.



After installation, by clicking on the “Settings” button will bring the settings dialog box, these settings are categorised into three groups:


SSLPost Email & Password enable user to connect to SSLPost server.

Endpoint: The SSLPost server address where the plugin should connect: (

Recipient Log-In: self-explanatory, for easy access to emails without login.

Dialogs & Notifications:

Showing Popup: Show/Hide “file upload progress” dialog.

Notification on email sent successfully: Display a notification informing user that the email was sent via SSLPost.

Notification if SSLPost returned an error: Display a notification while trying to send email via SSLPost, and the operation failed because SSLPost server identify an error within the email.

Notification if connection failed: Display a notification if the plugin could not connect to SSLPost server due to lost internet connection, network failure, incorrect Endpoint set in settings or other reasons.


Outlook plugin for secure email

Sending Mode: For emails, whether Linked or Delegate.

Downloading Mode: For attachments, Multiple or Single (please note, at this point in time, you must always select the single link option). 

Sending Email

Just like when you use Outlook, Click “New Email”, the “new email” window will appear.

Notice the presence of a new button labelled “Send Securely”.

Complete the basic information as usual; “To”, “Subject”, “Body” and attach the files, if required.

Click “Send Securely”, if Show Popup is Checked then a dialog box like this should appear:

If email is sent successfully then you should have this notification displayed:

Otherwise, an error notification is displayed. Click “Email Info” button in the SSLPost tab to get more info on why sending the email had failed.

Contact support ( if you are still unable to understand why the email failed or if you need any further information about Outlook plugin for secure email.

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