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Improve compliancy and reduce costs using epayslips

If you are currently sending payslips via traditional mail, you are covering a cost per employee that includes resource, print, stationery and postage. Multiply that by the number of employee payslips you produce per annum and the costs soon mount up.

If you are already sending e-payslips to your employees, are you complying with the ICO guidelines on employee privacy by ensuring they are sent securely?

The SSLPost ePayslip solution is a secure, auditable, electronic method by which you can send PAYE documents to your employees. Used by a wide range of public and private sector organisations, substantial savings in cost and time have been immediately experienced. Our secure e-payslip solution enables you to comply with the employee privacy requirements of the ICO by providing employees with secure access to e-payslip information.

In addition, alongside the epayslip function, you can send secure HR communications such as salary and disciplinary notices.

SSLPost ePayslips deliver P60's, P11D's and e-payslips via secure, encrypted email using a batch process. You can also track and trace the progress of the document during transit via built-in audit reporting. The process is user-friendly for both sender and recipient, straightforward to implement and negates the need to reproduce PAYE documents.

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PDF DocumentDownload the ePayslips options & pricing matrix (PDF Document)

Number of users

10 - 250

250 +

Deployment option

Hosted (Cloud) / On-Site

Registration charge

£40 per entity per year

Implementation charge

Core Solution Features

Single user email (core service)


ePayslips (connected to payroll system)

£2 per employee per year

eP60 documents


eP11D documents


Internal HR Comms (encrypted)




File transfer limit



Logs when delivered


Logs when opened


Option to send unencrypted


Audit trail report


Revoke access option


Email support


Telephone support

£2 per employee per year


Available Apps / Plugins

Microsoft Outlook® Plugin


Microsoft Sharepoint® Plugin


Autonomy iManage® Plugin


Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android)


Mobile Apps (Blackberry) *


Additional Solution Options

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

SSLPost eSign (requires 2FA)

* Encrypted emails can be sent and received on a Blackberry device providing the Blackberry server is routed through the Exchange Server as this is where the SSLPost encryption process occurs.


SSLPost ePayroll solutions are provided with MyPayRewards, an employee benefits package which is proving very popular. For more information visit the MyPayRewards page.


You can customise your solution to reflect the branding of your organisation. We provide two levels of branding; simple and advanced. This customisation will appear on the communications you send as well as welcome communications automatically generated. If you have more than 250 employees, branding is included in your package.

LinkContact us to add this to your ePayslips solution.

Option2 Factor Authentication

For added security, SSLPost can also provide 2 Factor Authentication which, if enabled, requires a recipient to input a unique session one-time code (or "soft token") that will be sent to their mobile via an SMS message. They will need to enter this code as well as their password to be able to access the SSLPost encrypted PAYE document.


SSLPost eSign is a digital certificate that when applied to a document, is accepted in the EU as legally binding; as if it had been physically signed in a traditional manner.

LinkFor more information visit our eSign pages

epayslipsWhat are SSLPost ePayslips?

SSLPost ePayslips integrate seamlessly into your existing payroll software to provide batch secure epayslip and PAYE document distribution. It is a simple and cost effective method with which to safely deliver sensitive and confidential documents to your employees, allows you to accurately track and trace the progress of the delivery and revoke access to erroneous email.

e-payslipsWhy do I need SSLPost ePayslips?

Sending PAYE documents via traditional post can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds per year in addition to the cost of stationery, printing and postage. With traditional mail and standard email, there is no way of accurately telling if the document has arrived safely with its recipient until a complaint is received. In addition, the document can be intercepted at any point on its journey.

SSLPost ePayslips deliver the document directly to the recipient via a secure, encrypted email. All the recipient needs to do to access the e-payslip is to complete a one-time registration. The cost savings of e-payslips are immediately visible, the time savings enable you to use your resource more efficiently and the process underpins your green agenda.

epayslipWhat do I need to receive SSLPost ePayslips?

SSLPost ePayslips require an Internet browser and an email client.

e-payslipWhich Internet browsers are compatible with SSLPost ePayslips?

SSLPost ePayslips has been tested and approved for use with all major browsers.

epayslipsWhich email clients are compatible with SSLPost ePayslips?

SSLPost ePayslips has been tested with all major email clients including Microsoft Outlook®, Yahoo Mail®, Evolution®, Microsoft Hotmail®, Zimbra®, Mail.com® and Google Gmail®.

e-payslipsDo I need an email address to send an ePayslip?

Yes. You need an email address to activate your SSLPost account and send e-payslips.

epayslipDo I need to change my email address?

No, SSLPost ePayslips works with all the major email clients.

e-payslipDoes each individual person require an email account to access an ePayslip?

No, providing they have access to a computing device we can provide an ePayslip solution for them. You can raise this with your account manager when discussing the solution.

epayslipsWhere is SSLPost ePayslips hosted?

SSLPost solutions are hosted in the UK.

e-payslipsAre SSLPost solutions ISO Accredited?

Yes. SSLPost solutions have an ISO 27001 certificate, following an intensive 3rd party audit.

epayslipHow secure is SSLPost ePayslips?

SSLPost ePayslips uses a mix of block and transport encryption processes. Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are used with a 256-bit key to encrypt communication from the sender to our servers (most credit card transactions only use 128-bit encryption). On our servers we encrypt using block encryption, which uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric and 2048-bit asymmetric processes. This is sent to the recipient over normal email (i.e. SMTP). Decrypted content is only made available over a 256-bit SSL secure link.

e-payslipThat sounds complicated, is it?

The technology is complex and that's what makes it so effective. The user interface (what you and your recipients see), is easy to use and clear.

epayslipsIs there are maximum file size I can send?

You can send a document up to 2GB using SSLPost ePayslips.

e-payslipsDo I need a digital certificate?

No. SSLPost ePayslips uses a password and email address/user name/payroll number as the primary authentication method, thus eliminating the certificate distribution issues which occur in many similar systems. Should you choose the eSign option, you will require a third party digital certificate.

epayslipDoes the person I am sending to require an SSLPost ePayslips account?

The person you are sending the message to will be automatically set up with a free account when they receive their first e-payslip. They will automatically receive a welcome email that requests them to complete a quick and simple registration and to set up a password. This is a one-off set up that takes very little time to complete. For more information please read the sign up & activation guide or watch the online demo

e-payslipCan the recipient send a secure email back to the Sender?

Yes. The recipient can send secure files to the sender. However, if they would like to send a secure email to someone else on their contacts list, it is a very straightforward process to install SSLPost Secure Email throughout the business. Contact us for more information.

epayslipsCan I send HR communications using this solution?

Yes, once the secure email solution is implemented (which is the backbone of the ePayslip solution), you can send confidential HR communications such as disciplinary, redundancy and pay review information to your employees as well as e-payslips.

e-payslipsHow long does it take to open a secure email attachment?

Opening a secure email attachment normally takes seconds. However, this depends on the size of the attachment or file and the speed of your internet connection.

epayslipWhere are the ePayslips stored?

ePayslip information is held, encrypted, on the SSLPost secure server.

e-payslipsCan an employee find an old epayslip

e-Payslips sent using the SSLPost solution can be found easily.

e-payslipCan a recipient forward a copy of their ePayslip electronically?

Yes, e-payslips can be downloaded in PDF format and forwarded to a third party.

epayslipsWill ePayslips work with my existing payroll package?

There are many existing integration options available for e-payslips; for instance, SAP and Sage. Please contact us for more information.

e-payslipsCan I send P60's and P11D's via SSLPost ePayslips?

Yes. You can send e-payslips, P11ds and P60s to the SSLPost ePayslips.

epayslipWhere can I get online help?

There is a comprehensive selection of e-payslip user guides and e-payslip video demonstrations available to help you setup and use SSLPost ePayslips.

e-payslipHow do I contact the Support Team?

Call the support team on 08456 425 425 or email support@sslpost.com. Lines are open 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to your email within 24 hours (weekdays).

epayslipsCan I track messages I have sent?

Yes. SSLPost ePayslips includes full audit reporting. To view the audit trail of your sent messages, log into your SSLPost account and select 'Sent Messages' from the audit menu.

e-payslipsCan I cancel a sent message?

Yes, SSLPost ePayslips provides a revocation facility. To cancel a sent message log into your SSLPost account and under 'Sent Messages' select 'Update Settings' to change the Seal status of a message. A revoked message cannot then be decoded. You may only revoke access effectively if the email/file has not been opened by the recipient. All further attempts to access the email following revocation will be unsuccessful. For more information please refer to our audit history & reporting guide.

epayslipDoes the recipient need to download any software?

No – just register once and set up a password.

e-payslipHow does the recipient decode an encrypted message?

For more information please review the e-payslips recipient user guide or watch the online demo.

epayslipsWhat can you offer a business of this size?

We have different secure solutions available to suit a wide range of business sizes and requirements. Contact our Customer Service Team on 08456 425 425 or email customerservice@sslpost.com and we will be happy to discuss our solutions with you.

e-payslipsWhat options are available?

SSLPost ePayslips includes options to add on additional functions. The option choice depends on your business size/number of licences. Click here for a breakdown of what is available.

epayslipCan I customise my SSLPost ePayslip?

Yes, we can add your logo to your e-payslip or you can have full customisation. Just contact us for more information and we will be happy to run through the options.

e-payslipI like this solution, what do I do next?

ResourcesSupport Documents & Downloads

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The SSLPost Web Application is compatible with all major industry Internet browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome® and Apple Safari®. Recipients only require access to the Internet, a valid email address and a popular Internet browser.

The Apple iPhone® and Apple iPad® mobile application requires iOS 4.3 or above and Google Android®, Version 1.6 or above.

LinkFor more information on compatibility and installation please visit the SSLPost support website at docs.sslpost.com

Features & Benefits

  • Fast ROI
  • User-friendly
  • Secure and auditable process
  • Integrates into existing payroll software
  • Eliminates the need for reproducing PAYE documents
  • MyPayRewards employee benefits, included

Supporting Documents


LinkLearn more about our MyPayRewards employee benefits service

PDF DocumentDownload the MyPayRewards Employee datasheet

PDF DocumentDownload the MyPayRewards Employer datasheet