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Secure ePayslipsSecure ePayslips from SSLPost

Saving cost & time with e payslips via secure email

The SSLPost e Payslips solution is a secure, encrypted, auditable electronic method by which you can send PAYE documents to your employees. Used by leading public and private sector organisations, substantial savings in cost and time have been immediately experienced.

SSLPost e Payslips deliver payslips, P60’s and P11D’s via secure, encrypted email using a batch process. The process is user friendly for both Sender and Recipient, straightforward to implement and negates the need to reproduce documents should they get lost in transit or storage. You can track and trace the progress of the document during transit via the built-in audit reporting and be assured that the e Payslip can only be opened by the desired recipient.

If you are currently sending payslips via traditional mail, you are covering a cost per employee that includes print, stationery and postage. Multiply that by the number of employee payslips and other PAYE documents you produce per annum and the cost soon adds up. Paper payslips also risk going astray, deteriorate over time and may not arrive in time to meet current employment law. E payslips solve all these issues, arriving within minutes, secure and safe and recoverable if the information is required for reference in the future.

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Options for sending e-Payslips

Your e-Payslips can be delivered using various options; via embedded link or as an attachment. Our clients prefer to use the former as it resolves issues of browser and mailbox restrictions. This means each e-payslip is uploaded into the email securely and can be decrypted and downloaded as required avoiding common restrictions on file size and zip/htm compatibility – it is an all-encompassing, effective and safe delivery method for e-Payslips and PAYE documentation.

The e-Payslip, P60 or P11D is secured, via military-grade encryption, throughout this process and remains private until accessed by the employee. We also offer a web-based portal for employees to access their PAYE documentation online.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast ROI
  • User-friendly
  • Encrypted solution to protect employee data
  • Access e payslips, anytime, anywhere
  • Safe, secure and auditable process
  • Integrates with 99% of existing payroll software
  • Eliminates the need for reproducing PAYE documents
  • Flexible, secure solution for HR communications
  • Branded to match your company identity
  • Underpins green policies by reducing waste and consumables
  • Additional level of security access optional
  • eSign of P60 optional
  • Suitable for P45 delivery

What Our Customers Say

"Moving to electronic payslips has exceeded expectations. The process that used to take all day now takes moments and most importantly, the service has saved us 50% actual costs."

James Claxton, GSL Dardan

Secure, safe, monitored HR communications via e-payslip solution

The SSLPost secure email facility is not just for e-payslips. It can be utilised for many purposes including HR communications, management accounts, transfer of sensitive documents and much, much more. Now company-wide messages, disciplinary communications, contracts and employee handbooks can be safely and securely sent using the e-Payslip secure email solution and monitored during transit via the in-built audit reporting function which provides proof of non-repudiation should you require it. You can also use the solution to send recorded or registered emails; just change your setting to switch off the encryption; the in-built audit reporting will tell you when the message has arrived and is opened.

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Secure Email ePayslips can be provided with the following additional options;


You can customise your electronic payslips solution to reflect the branding of your organisation. We provide two levels of branding; simple and advanced. This customisation will appear on your electronic payslips portal as well as automatically generated welcome communications. Every employee will see this branding when they access their payslip online.

View examples of simple email branding and account branding.

View examples of advanced email branding and account branding.

Contact us to add branding to your online payslip ePortal solution.

eDocument Delivery

If you need additional functionality in your ePayslip portal to deliver an enhanced service to your employees, click here. The portal can be used to deliver a wide variety of documents and messages including contracts, companywide messaging, auto enrolment letters, user instructions, company handbooks, disciplinary documents, social diary and much more.

Contact us for more information about eDocument delivery.

Automatic Enrolment Pension & Compliance

SSLPost are delighted to offer three options to support your auto enrolment. If you are looking for a full service, we have partnered with Intelligent Money (IM) provide a compliant pension auto enrolment solution that can solve your auto enrolment dilemmas with minimal disruption to your daily operations. The solution is suitable for businesses, large and small as well as those running payroll for others such as Accountants and Payroll Bureaus. The whole process is automated and includes a qualifying workplace pension, onboarding support for the first three payrolls, management of auto enrolment contributions, reconciliation and investment. Click here to learn more.

AEAssistant provides the onboarding service for the IM Pension and compliance solution. Many clients find the help and support received during onboarding to be so useful, they opt to extend it. Click here to learn more.

The third solution is the provision of the statutory communications required to satisfy The Pensions Act. These are delivered through the ePayslip portal and are monitored and managed by the client through the built-in audit process. Contact us to learn more.

Intelligent Group

Full Auto Enrolment Solution

You are a bureau, accountant or employer seeking a simple and cost-effective, full automatic enrolment solution for you or your client base. This service includes:

  • The provision of a suitable, qualifying, workplace pension
  • Compliant pension management software by which to manage the auto enrolment process
  • Statutory communications generation and support
  • A secure employee portal by which they can view their pension 'pot' and letters
  • Onboarding advice and support (options to extend after three payrolls)

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AE Assistant Support Service

AE Assistant support service

You are a bureau, accountant or employer needing additional support for your on-going auto enrolment obligations and already have the IM pension and compliance solution in place. The service includes:

  • Live support for all auto enrolment duties
  • Three levels of support package available; on demand, semi managed, fully managed
  • Payroll advice, reconciliation, error correction and amendments
  • Statutory communications support and generation
  • Support with all aspects of auto enrolment obligations

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Statutory letters only

You are an employer or bureau who needs a secure ePortal with which to deliver statutory letters under the requirements of auto enrolment legislation. You already have a qualifying workplace pension provider in place. The service includes:

  • Option to add additional tab to existing SSLPost ePayslip portal
  • Payroll integration and file preparation support
  • Two options;
  • • Delivery of client configured PDFs to ePortal
    • Statutory letter generation based on variable data provided in payroll file.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

For added security, your electronic payslips solution can include 2 Factor Authentication which, if enabled, requires a recipient to input a unique session one-time code (or 'soft token') that will be sent to their mobile via an SMS message. They will need to enter this code as well as their password to be able to access their payslip online.

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Secure File Transfer

If you need to transfer bulk files as part of your workflow process, securely and in an audited manner, why not consider using SSLPost Secure File Transfer? Whether you want to send payroll files internally or externally, send statements, invoices or other large data files, SSLPost Secure File Transfer fits seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.

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SSLPost eSign is a digital certificate that when applied to a document, is accepted in the EU as legally binding; as if it had been physically signed in a traditional manner. This will become defacto for all PAYE summary documents such as P60s at some point in the future.

There are two reasons why digital certificates should be applied to documents:

  • (i) Authenticity; in allowing the recipient to confirm the identity of each person who signed the document.
  • (ii) Integrity; by confirming that the document's digital seal is intact and that the document has therefore not been altered in transit.

Contact us for more information about eSign solutions for ePayslips.

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