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Secure File Transfer & Workplace Pensions Compliance solutions you can rely on

Specialising in the security of data during electronic transfer, at rest and whilst being stored, SSLPost Secure File Transfer solutions are helping thousands of people worldwide to protect their confidential data from malicious intervention, data breach and accidental data loss whilst improving workflow and reducing costs.

Security of data is vitally important when exchanging confidential information, electronically. SSLPost Secure File Transfer solutions enable you to safely and confidently send sensitive information over the internet, is suitable for a wide range of applications from simple emails to large files of up to 100GB and mitigates the risk of intervention during transit and delivery. We have applied this technology to address the demand for a simple, cost-effective, workplace pensions compliance solution that handles the logistical and compliance tasks associated with auto enrolment, in a user-friendly and secure manner.

SSLPost Solutions

Security of Data & PAYE e-Document Delivery

One of our most popular solutions is e-document delivery for payroll and HR applications. Employees can access payslips, P11Ds, P60s and sensitive HR communications via secure email or portal. The ROI, when compared to traditional print and production methods, is immediate. If you already have an electronic process in place, are the documents sent encrypted or simply password protected? Does it comply with the ICO requirements for employee confidentiality? You can read more about secure and compliant Payroll e-document delivery solutions, here.

Workplace Pensions Compliance

Auto enrolment is now becoming a reality for many small to medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. The issues around implementing the requirements of the Pensions Act have been the driving force behind our latest workplace pensions compliance solution. From eligibility assessment to pension allocation, contribution management and compliance, the solution is a comprehensive and practical answer to the challenges of implementing auto enrolment in your business. You can read more about secure and compliant workplace pension solutions, here.

ePayroll e-Document Delivery Solutions

  • Cost-effective and user-friendly
  • Secure, encrypted solution
  • Choice of ePayslip or ePortal
  • Works with existing payroll software
  • Suitable for shared computers
  • Ideal for hot desk users
  • Suitable for those without email addresses
  • Immediate access to all PAYE information
  • No software download required for recipients
  • Fully auditable
  • Reduces payroll queries
  • Reduces waste and underpins green values
  • Branded to suit your organisation

Workplace Pension Compliance Solutions

  • Compliant solution that delivers automatic:
  • Eligibility assessment
  • Employee communications
  • Contribution reconciliation
  • Selection of suitable workplace pension (if required)
  • Secure employee portal:
  • Suitable for shared computers and those without an email address
  • View salary summary & pension "pot"
  • Option to upgrade to full PAYE portal
  • Audit, compliance and management reports
  • Digital storage of statutory documents
  • Branded to suit your organisation

Email solutions for security of data

  • Easy-to-use, one-step encryption
  • Revoke access to secure emails sent in error
  • Track and trace all email
  • Save time, money and resource
  • Quick and accurate delivery
  • Web, Outlook and mobile options
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Supports environmental policies
  • Reduces risk of data leakage
  • No set up cost for recipient
  • No software download needed for recipient
  • Increased confidence in your email security
  • Solutions for 1 – 10,000+ employees

Buy SSLPost Secure Email & Secure File Transfer Online

Secure email for just £2 per month with SSLPost Cloud. Add large file transfer solution to your package for under £4 per month!

What Our Customers Say...Testamonials

  • Security Of DataQuote We have been impressed by savings in both time and costs using SSLPost solutions. SSLPost is user-friendly and integrated seamlessly within our existing infrastructure. Quote
    QuoteDave Robinson, Barnsley Council
  • Secure File TransferQuote In adopting the SSLPost solution, we have experienced a dramatic reduction in consumable costs. More importantly, our FCA obligations, data security and green policies are fully supported. Quote
    QuoteRussell Bavinton, Wealth Management Group
  • e-Document DeliveryQuote Moving to electronic payslips has exceeded expectations. The process that used to take all day now takes moments and most importantly, the service has saved us 50% actual costs. Quote
    QuoteJames Claxton, GSL Dardan

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