SSLPost Secure ePayslips

If you are currently printing and posting your employee payslips, you will make instant savings by switching to our secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution.

ePayslips from SSLPost provides a cost effective alternative to traditional delivery methods. ROI is fast; savings on consumables and resources are experienced from day one. Employee confidentiality is maintained; our solution ensures that salary information is only accessed by the intended recipient - even on shared computers or hot desks.

ePayslips by SSLPost does not replace your existing payroll software; it works alongside your current system to deliver PAYE documentation in a secure, auditable and electronic format. The SSLPost ePayslip solution is payroll vendor agnostic; it seamlessly integrates with 99% of payroll software on the market.

We offer two solutions; online payslip access through an Employee Self Service Portal that retains all PAYE documents for easy retrieval or you can opt for delivery of ePayslips via Secure Email.

The flexibility of the solution enables HR departments to communicate important and sensitive messages alongside online payslips; for instance, many of our clients use the solution to deliver annual salary notices, pension documentation, employee handbooks and contracts of employment.

ePayslip Options

We offer two options for secure delivery of PAYE documentation.


Access all PAYE documentation and HR messages via a secure, Online Payslip Portal.

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Secure Email

To deliver PAYE documents and HR communications via Secure Email.

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Why send Online Payslips?

Online payslip solutions by SSLPost integrate with your existing payroll software. If you are processing your payroll using Sage, Iris, Pegasus or other software, online ePayslip solutions from SSLPost:

  • Are cost-effective and user-friendly
  • Seamlessly integrates with 99% of payroll software on the market
  • Alleviate the costs associated with print consumables and postage
  • Deliver all PAYE documents in a confidential and private environment
  • Provide safe, secure access for those using hot-desks and shared computers
  • Deliver ePayslips to all employees including those without email addresses
  • Does not require software to be downloaded
  • Provides full audit reporting of delivery and opening activity
  • Cut the time spent delivering ePayslips and other PAYE documents to your employees
  • Can be branded to match your corporate identity
  • Reduce PAYE queries and requests
  • Enhance your current software provision through secure delivery of PAYE documents
  • Reduces waste and underpins green policies
  • Can be branded to match your corporate identity
  • Safely and confidentially deliver HR documents such as contracts of employment, salary changes, pension communications and disciplinary notices
  • Can be used to store a library of essential employment documents, generic or personalised, for your workforce

Payroll and Accounts Departments

Cutting your costs and saving resource with online payslips

Running payroll is time consuming. In addition to the monthly task of producing the PAYE documents, you may also be required to validate payslips or produce copies of historical information for employee's financial applications such as mortgages and loans.

Many Payroll teams are now using ePayslips from SSLPost to cut the cost and processing time of PAYE runs; providing a greater choice of when, where and how employees access their salary information.

There are many other applications for the SSLPost ePayslip solution; many employers use the solution to deliver invoices, statements, management accounts and other sensitive financial documentation.

We offer a choice of Secure Email or delivery via an Online Payslip Portal. The employee can access historical information * and the employer can validate PAYE documents using a digital certificate signature if required.

* Providing it has been sent via the solution or retrospectively uploaded

HR Departments

Keeping it confidential - ePayslip private messaging solution

HR departments can now use a secure method to communicate with candidates and employees so that personal information is kept confidential when travelling inside or outside the internal network. The 'track and trace' functionality maintains a full audit trail that logs the progress of the message throughout its journey; providing the assurance that it has been opened by the intended recipient.

It is especially suitable for negotiations, contracts and disciplinary communications where confidentiality is a key factor. ePayslips from SSLPost include a messaging facility that enables you to communicate privately with employees via Secure Email or via an Online Payslip Portal.

In addition, more and more employers are using the SSLPost ePayslip solution to deliver statutory communications to employees regarding their automatic enrolment status, rights and options. The built-in audit report allows proof of delivery and access should the need occur.

The Benefits of Online Payslip Delivery

Without ePayslips from SSLPost

Traditional Document Delivery

With ePayslips from SSLPost

ePayslips from SSLPost

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