13th February, 2017

Toastie, anyone?

Toastie, anyone?Changing the way you deliver that payslip will make a huge difference.

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31st January, 2017

The five rules of payroll every business should know

The five rules of payroll every business should knowThe 1.2 million UK private sector businesses that employ staff are dictated by national payroll regulations.

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28th November, 2016

In-house payroll versus outsourced payroll

In-house payroll versus outsourced payrollMore and more companies are opting to outsource their payroll these days, but what are the benefits of doing so and do they outweigh the benefits of handling it in-house?

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14th November, 2016

The new Cyber Security Strategy

The new Cyber Security StrategyWell, they did say that if organisations were not going to manage the cyber security threat the government would… and here we have it. A three-pronged attack on those that would block us, hack us and scam us. So what do we think of the new strategy?

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28th September, 2016

ePayslip portal versus paper payslips

Read full storyePayslips are fast becoming the preferred method for delivering PAYE documentation and yet there are still many companies that have yet to embrace the benefits. Employees are increasingly using mobile devices in their everyday life so accessing payslip information electronically is a natural progression. So what is holding them back?

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4th March, 2016

A Portal For All Seasons?

Read full storyWhen you think about secure portals, think outside the box. Yes, they are marvellous for delivering payslips electronically plus all those annual PAYE documents and even P45s. However, in reality, the portal is just a massive secure vault that could contain and deliver any document to anyone, in a secure and completely audited manner.

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29th May, 2015

Walls have ears!

Read full storyThis month, we are looking at security of ePayslip data.  Some of the people we speak to about ePayslips, already have an electronic payslip solution in place.  Their ePayslips are protected using passwords but are sent using standard unsecure email. 

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11th March, 2015

Get your house in order!

Read full storyOrganisations usually have at least two databases; one for employees (HR or payroll system running epayslips) and one for your clients (CRM system).  For the purposes of this blog, let’s assume you are running epayslips, auto enrolment and marketing emailshots via third party platforms or software.  In order to find what you need to enable the software to work correctly, this data needs to be organised into clear, defined fields.  All data within your organisation should be squeaky clean for you to run reports, extract data accurately, provide epayslips, produce letters or emailshot your database.

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1st January, 2015

Brace yourself! Preparing for the nitty gritty of auto enrolment

Read full storyIn the next few months, thousands of small businesses will reach their staging date for automatic enrolment. We are already very busy on-boarding clients to the AE pension & compliance solution and the biggest issue we are experiencing is the lack of preparation in payroll departments. The nature of small businesses is that they are…..in fact……small. Very often they do not have access to full time payroll staff and their payroll person comes in once a month...

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16th July, 2014

Auto enrolment - How to avoid running screaming to the hills

Read full storyWhen the government first announced that they were going to address the issue of people 'living for the moment' and the lack of retirement planning, I wondered what was coming next. We live in a society that is divided into those that think only of today and those that think of tomorrow and beyond. When you are in your twenties, thirties and early forties, it is hard to imagine what life will be like in your late sixties...

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10th June, 2014

e-Payslips & Chocolate

Read full storyI have always wanted to be one of those people for whom a small, discreet accordion folder for home paperwork storage works. After many unsuccessful attempts to find the perfect solution that does not tear, collapse at a vital moment or become so over stuffed it explodes in a hail of paperwork, I finally resorted to a full sized filing cabinet. Although I tend to do an end of year purge and archive into the loft, I live in fear that at some stage....

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28th April, 2014

Hidden Costs And Lost Hours - The Case For ePayroll

Read full storyAs everyone has hopefully noticed, things are getting better in the business world. I read recently that well over 65% of employers are thinking of expanding in 2014. As signs that the economy and the general business position are improving go, that is a pretty big one. That said, expansion, whilst a great thing to see happening, could bring its own headaches. One of these is the continued management of your payroll resources....

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25th March, 2014

Preparing for Auto Enrolment and Pension Compliance

Read full storyAs you are probably aware, employers across the UK are about to enter the main phase of the auto enrolment process. This means that over the next few months a large proportion of UK companies are going to need to comply with the new Pensions Act. There are three key issues that we feel you should know. Sorting these out now will enable you to be ready when the time comes...

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11th February, 2014

How Secure Is E-Document Delivery?

Read full storyIn a recent article we briefly looked at the who, what and why of Secure File Transfer. In this article I would like to focus in on two important issues – the need for e-document delivery and the kind of business or organisation that should be considering it. Whereas we are all familiar with sending emails and attachments, how much do we know about what happens after the "send" button is clicked?

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14th January, 2014

The What, The Why And The Who Of Secure File Transfer.

Read full storySecure file transfer is a bit of an odd business to be in. We often find ourselves in a position of closing the gate after the horse has bolted or trying to explain how the gate got opened in the first place. To be honest, we don't get frustrated about it because we understand why. File security is not like looking around and seeing you are about to run out of coffee, it is an investment...

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