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  • GDPR and Mary BerryGDPR and Mary Berry
    Find out the connection between GDPR and Britain’s favourite baker. In this article, we discuss the practical application of GDPR within your business and why privacy compliance lives on after May 25th.
  • What kind of data is Personal Data?What kind of data is Personal Data?
    There is still confusion amongst many companies as to what is considered to be Personal Data under GDPR. Read our blog to learn more about the key definitions and how to identify a breach
  • What happens when you press “send”?What happens when you press "send"?
    Is “normal” email really safe and secure to use when exchanging sensitive or personal information? Could a hacker identify a person from the information you include in your email text? Read more here about email security risks and how they can easily be mitigated by applying a simple solution
  • Toastie, anyone?Toastie, anyone?
    When was the last time we used brand new technology or are we just revamping technology of the past? Why change what already works, for something different? Read more in our blog, here
  • ePayslip portal versus paper payslipsePayslip portal versus paper payslips
    We are often asked to compare the two solutions. In this blog, that’s exactly what we have done. Learn about the nitty gritty of payslip delivery methods, here
  • A Portal For All SeasonsA Portal For All Seasons
    If you think that an epayslip portal is just for PAYE information, think again. In this blog we discuss the various uses of a secure portal and how this can benefit your business
  • Walls have ears!Walls have ears!
    Who is watching your business email traffic and what are you disclosing to them via the content of your email? Simple steps you can take to protect from malicious intervention and data breach...
  • Get your house in order!Get your house in order!
    In this blog, we discuss how the organisation of your company data affects the efficiency of your business; from payroll to automatic enrolment. Read more, here
  • e-Payslips & Chocolatee-Payslips & Chocolate
    Are we seeing the end to the humble filing cabinet? We discuss the practicalities of traditional filing and archiving solutions with a touch of Galaxy (other chocolate brands are available)
  • The What, The Why And The Who Of Secure File TransferThe What, The Why And The Who Of Secure File Transfer
    In this blog, we outline the advantages for both security and privacy of sending personal or sensitive data via secure file transfer rather than “normal” email. Is it fiddly or complex? Will it impact your daily processes? You can read more, here

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